Matador Video Thread



Don’t get me wrong, this is good stuff. But not that efficient to be “the reason Vega destroys Dee Jay”. It is just a plus but not the whole reason. I seriously find this “don’t get knocked down” sayings complete nonsense since Vanilla days against Akuma. Most of his specials (all?) causes knock down and two normals. You’re basically saying “score double perfect”. In between something, he will score a knock down at least once. You are not psychic, he is not dumb. You will get hit once. That’s when you need a tech to escape “he is coming with a fireball, will he slide, knee shot, come to grab or just come and block?” thing. But it is in our favor anyway.


Yeah, but pls, DeeJay is not Akuma. DeeJay does not have tools to knock you down.

I don’t have footage agaisnt DJ on youtube to show you, but I think that Zeus has. You only get knocked down if you screw up. And if you do… well, you are going to get safe jumped from a character which okizeme is extremely weak against you. Big deal.

If he is coming with a fireball… block it. If he tries to jump while you are blocking, crHP/crMK whatever he does. Or focus backdash and crMP. He doesn’t have the tools to chase you down. IMO this is the easiest MU for Claw (7-3).

Zeus says that is 10-0, and he plays with Pie Sci. So yeah… Claw destroys Dee Jay.


I would love the day when Vega feels like a 3-7 matchup. It’s not bad for DJ at all. It’s a slow paced matchup that usually ends with a timeout.


First time I’ve seen a Claw player to know this matchup:
(Still in SFIVAE2012)


I’m just laughing at K-Brad making comments, laughing, relaxing, not knowing what will happen.

And again, where did Zeus go? I haven’t seen a replay of him for months and he is not participating in Next Level Battle Circuit anymore.


Pretty sure Zeus got a job and has things to do outside of the game, so he can’t be as active in the community any more. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, anybody.


Well, there is a difference between not being as active before and completely drop the scene. Most of the pros have jobs I guess but still attend to some tournaments now and then. The man doesn’t even have an online battle replay since against Hiro.


I found this to be quite humurous, I never thought I would hit the Super glitch. completely unintentional. glitch is at 03:56


I made a video about Abel:

It is not only about Claw vs Abel, but more talking about Abel in general as I have friends that don’t play Claw and need more knowledge on this MU, so I figured to just make a video about it.


Soo great, 41 to go :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit: that delay after second mid is great advise!


42 as Claw is another character that you have to know the matchup.


Yeah but then so does everyone else - better but him on the far end of the list :wink:



that goldeneye clip takes the cake, you’re the best


Guys, last month Dieminion was in my country to play a tournament which I wasn’t able to attend. But here we have a show on youtube similar to Mike Ross and Gootecks’s Excellent Adventures and I got to play him there (in XBL). I’ve never fought a foreigner player before, it was a very cool experience. There are 3 episodes featuring Dieminion, the parts that they talk in portuguse are subtitled (so turn them on), if you want to watch the other one too, you can find it in the same channel. Cheers.

The links already are “timestamped”:

VS his Guile (two matches in a row).

And VS his Rolento (just one match).


Nice first match.
But it seems there was a connection issue with the second one. Missed, no dashcancelling the focus. And he jumps 5 times nearly in a row, but you don cr.hp, hk or ST.


It did. Missed crMK punish with crMP xx EX FBA and an input for CH after he whiffed a focus was eaten.

But the first one was not smooth too. I was in my homecity and he was far away from me. You all know the drama.


Zeus is back!


i must be missing something here. seems like i don’t know what range to stand at against guy. what are your opinions?

match that needs to be watched:

snorefest bison (was exciting for me though :D):

this bison almost took out kbrad at evo

this was one of our majors, we’re so small…



10 secounds like a 2000 BP online Vega ftw :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

great watch!

That Asian commentator though. I swear I heard an austria-german accent the whole time. Very confusing.