Matador Video Thread



hell yeah it was, haha. so scrubby, but at that time, it was what i think was the best thing to do after i failed my izuna drop

the asian is korean, with aussie accent splashed in

not sure what’s happening with the time code on the streams, i don’t know what i’m doing wrong with the timestamps



Zeus losing to negative edge


Zeus did very well in general but he started losing his composure progressively in the matches with smug. That guy is an offensive jaggernaut especially when there is no reason to hold back/bait vs vega’s lack of reversal options.


Just passing here with this timestamp to, in a childish way, tell I told you so.


i thought i pointed that out long ago!


First of all yay a new makoto piece! Am I right in the assumption that he did not broadcasted in a while (I have like all out of the loop now, but what you the E-Mail notification but all’s quiet now)?

Second: Maybe I am out of the loop for a while now, but what am I supposed to see a 0:40?

Edit: Ah now I see. well, you shouldn’t plink 2f links :wink: I guess that ship has sailed now…


you can still plink, just with lk :smiley:


Who am I? Jimmy Page? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


it would be cool if you were :smiley:


Yeah, but then I would main Viper or Gen with my fingers made of gold :wink:


I put no credit to Smug in this match.
He nearly always loses to Zeus. They even have a ft10 video where Smug loses 10-0
Zeus is the one to blame. As you said, he lost his composure. The long break he has taken obvioulsy affected his gameplay.


old vids of my AE2012 Vega that was on my pc. Decided to upload em.


a few more old vids of my Vega matches on AE12


Tatsu’s last twitt inspired me to do this video


does tatsu still play?


Not AFAIK. But SF V announcement seemed to get him hyped.


5200 PP and You destroyed as nothing T__T, what a high level !


that’s because hazlan is an android, you can’t sense his power level


Haztlan always told us :wink: