Matador Video Thread



I did. But after reasearching this MU more than anything else in the world… I am able to “deal” with Abels.

I’m the one that did this video btw:

Later when I have more time I’ll explain in more details what I’m doing differently in the approach of this MU to make it not feel so bad. Perhaps even upload some matches of mine against Abel.
Nowadays I just think Abel-Claw is “a mere” 6-4. Maybe I’m a little deeper in the MU comparing to my oponnent (there is one thing that the Abel players here do not do in the defensive… that if I was the Abel playing that MU I’d use a lot). But anyways, like I said. I feel that the MU is 6-4 Abel. Which is hard, but winnable.

I’ll write more of the subject when I have more time and if someone is interested.


You can’t write enough of that MU, as this Video of yours can’t get enough views.

Already helped a lot, esp dealing with the final part of COD.


i keep forgetting about that video…


I’ll be streaming once in a while in there. The frequency will not be that high this month, though.
I don’t think that I’ll play online since my upload rate cant afford to stream and play online at the same time. So my streams in that channel will be only lab stuff.

Also, I’ll talk about Abel in the stream while showing some things. It’s way faster to just talk rather than to type everything. My english is not top notch since I don’t speak in english very often. But I think it’s very understandable, anyway, bear with me.

Hit that follow button if you will, I’ll stream some stuffs this weekend.


will you have past videos on? i don’t have always have a phone to notify me :frowning: plus i live in australia, our timezones are like 11-12 hours apart!


yeah, for sure.

btw, I managed to get a mic and I’ll start the stream today beginning with the abel subject.

If anyone here is online right now let me know (PM me or whatever) so that I won’t be talking to myself alone on twitch (and to tell me if you can hear me well so that I can go on) will be much appreciated


i think it’s best to post a new thread on when you will exactly start the stream, that’s way more efficient then waiting for 1 or 2 people that might ask you at completely different times


Some Ranked Matches I had in last September, haven’t played Ultra SF4 since but am coming back to the game shortly. Hopefully I can get a better capture card this summer when school’s out, the one I used here sucks:

Vega game @ 0:00 with Decapre ,do not know the matchup with her at all, actually I don’t know ANYTHING about her gameplay. Did not use Vega in any of the other matches (one of my opponents was playing him while I was Juri, though), but this is how I usually played him for most of my games.

As I am very poor at playing this character and am a Rog main (Somehow I don’t think Vega really covers my bad MUs with Rog), I can’t help but consider dropping Vega when I come back this time around.


Part 1 -
It starts at 12min mark. My mic is a bit too low in the beginning, but not too long from there Niah joined the stream and following his advice I fixed that.

Part 2 -
In the end I also show some funny stuff vs Yun. Dirty setups against Poison and I get to play 2 online matches using the subpar-internet that I was using for streaming… so yeah, the matches were TERRIBLY laggy. But they were against scrubs, so they were funny heh.

Like I said, beware, bad engrish incoming.


An intermission to gameplay videos:

I have only recently come across this. It’s beautiful.

And this is bonus:

I’m wondering why his alpha 3 theme is not that popular. There are hundreds of covers and versions for SF II theme. But alpha 3 one doesn’t get any love. I personally love it too.


ah yes, i remember seaching up these videos yoinks ago. pretty cool stuff


El Cubano put his sign to NCFC. Everyone’s talking about this match.

I must accept: I have never been an El Cubano Loco fan. But it seems during all this time he improved greatly. I don’t remember a match I got this hyped watching for a long, long time. He plays miraculous:


The match was great to watch and the end was really heartbreaking. However, the set made me feel ricky was caught by surprise especially in the first couple games.
As the set progressed, he started adapting to cubano’s gameplay and vega’s glaring weaknesses in the macthup were more apparent.


That feeling of fear at the end - I guess everyone of us knew how this would tun out.


I don’t agree at all. Ricky suffered the whole set. He gets stunned at the fourth game and at the LAST game, which is as progressed in the set as much it is possible, as… you know, they are the last games in the set. He even loses nearly %70 of his life in 10 seconds in one of the last rounds. He gets nearly perfected at the first round of the last game. And the last round? Ricky frigging lost that. Cubano just had to do an ex.shc to finish him with chip. Sorry but I see no adaptation from Ricky in this set. Cubano mostly dominated, Ricky got lucky.



Btw, tomorrow (02/21) I’ll be playing a round-robin topangaleaguelike tournament here in Brazil that features the 7 best players of this country. Including Breno Fighters, Keoma and CNB Chuchu.
At 13:00 (-2 GMT) I’ll start playing against Keoma. Here is the twitch link in case anyone here is interested in watching it:
The tournament is divided in 2 days. Tomorrow I’ll play against Keoma (Abel), Ibukiman (Ibuki/Juri) and Breno Fighters (Ryu). So yeah, it won’t be easy, actually, far, far from that.


yo…didn’t think that reached


Yay, went 5-4 against Keoma (Abel). 5-3 against Breno Fighters (Ryu) and 5-3 against Ibukiman (Ibuki).


12min - Abel.

54min - Ibuki.

27min - Ryu.[/details]

I played the first match and at the beginning the stream was laggy, but after that it’s pretty ok to watch. If anything I’ll send the links of the youtube matches when they are online.


No CH->U2 during the matches, but you did pretty well! Looking foward the next day (:


Abel, Ryu and Ibuki are pretty damn hard to link that juggle. I didn’t want to risk it on them. There was a few meaty dfHK that connected in the neutral game, but I was scared to mess it up against those chars and I was nervous as fuck heh. I just sticked to the basics.

But the next day there will be Elena/Rose and Chun/Poison to see if I can land some.