Matador Video Thread



I was at sonic boom last weekend, first foreign tournament i visited in quite a few months, had to fight infiltration almost straight away in brackets.
Here it is at 7:30, might post a youtube version later if it comes.

VS Infiltration at 7 and a half minute mark


Congratz on getting the best Akuma on earth to change his char with that second game.


Yup. Just went undeafeated in the Brazillian round robin invitational tournament!

Footage of the matches are linked to the score:
5-4 Keoma (Abel).
5-3 Ibukiman (Ibuki).
5-3 BrenoFighters (Ryu).
5-1 House (Elena).
5-1 CNB Chuchu (Sakura, Viper and Poison)
5-2 DarkThi (Yun).


I’ve just watched the Keoma fight yet and its like The Hound vs Brienne fight. Congratz



What was that?


The user deleted them. So I’ve renewed them from a different user.


Just saw the SD Tempest matches, that guy convinced me. Liked it.

Thanks for the matches GI.


You are welcome.
Suddenly the whole channel of lfrgames went blank, every video deleted. So the videos are removed again. I wonder what happened. You just don’t delete your whole upload archive suddenly.


what did i miss!


just wow.

if you would see it in slo-mo it looks really unbelievable. heh heh. gotta hold dat against Guy.



ah come on at least there is a new video in this thread :wink:


Whenever someone asks me about this U1/U2/UCW choices I show them this.

Btw, any move that lets you airborne high enough will screw U2 completely. Like Guile’s upside down kick stuff and even things like Yun’s overhead already do the job.


its not that its an airborne move as so much of how late it looks like it came out versus the ultra though.
I mean c’mon lol, just look at this.

so…Guy has no hurtbox around his legs at this exact frame?
lol, oh-kay then.


No. From the start until the 14th frame his legs are invincible, after the 15th he is already in the air.


pretty much can’t punish run. i didn’t know that was an option. was testing it out and if in the middle of his run and vega did ultra, just do that move and he’ll get out


Jesus, from the very 1st frame?!?!


… and we aren’t allowed to have invincible frames on a down-back move eh?? Can you imagine the utility CH would have if it was low invincible on the first frames… it would be glorious.

BTW, @Haztlan how do you get U2 off that stuff? I tried over and over and couldn’t do it. I could sometimes get it off a really deep j.HK, but never CH and never j.HP.


On behalf of Haztlan: No trick, just tight timing - and very fast DF,DB,DF movement.