Matador Video Thread



The timing must be ridiculously hard to do. I don’t know how I could possibly do it any faster. Oh well, at the moment I’ll focus on other stuff I need to improve before trying to pull these off in matches. How is the damage scaling on something like this? Is raw Ultra still higher?


With full Ultra lightly less damage off of CH, slightly more off of jHK/jHP. So more damage than raw ultra if you have less than 100% ultra-meter.


Mask throw jiHK U2 is the most damaging option after a stun if you don’t have Super.

Anyway, moving to another subject, a friend of mine dared me counter poke Oni’s fHP in an certain unusual way:

Well, challenge accepted.


I can’t believe I’ve never thought about mask throwing after a focus attack crumple or a stun before to max out ultra damage… good to know!


Some nice stuff here


Yeah that’s a very nice video. That guy was really consistent with his links. I don’t think I’ll ever be that good. The mixup stuff was great in the beginning, might have to try some of it.


Sasa VS






Emersion VS Sako


Great watch! never heard of him but most impressive (although he does almost as many flips as I do :wink:


Oh yes he does really


He flipped too much only against dashio and to be honest it’s not a bad response vs seth since it beats shoryu fadc and command grab. Obviously it can be baited and/or punished on reaction if seth just goes for normal strings but it’s not much worse than being stuck forever in the mixups.
This vega played quite aggressively in general with cosmic heels, dash forwards etc which is fine although personally I prefer a somewhat more conservative lower risk gamestyle.


I prefer an aggressive style. I hope SF5 Vega, if we have him, will be more suitable for that.

I felt really angry during the Sako match of Emersion though. That stolen round…


I know that this isn’t exactly news. But I’ve been using it here and there to moderate sucess. You have to time it really well and the crossup needs to have horrible priority so that you can trade. But not allowing characters to get in from that angle is really, really strong and most of the time is worth it. Even though you end up losing in the trade it terms of dmg, the result is just way better as you don’t need to deal with mixups and can actually press your own oki.


But I guess it won’t trade with Ryu’s imba j.hp or our own j.hp, Sakura’s j.hp and stuff like that. I guess you have to predict the button the opponent uses to jump in with. I never even try to cr.hp Ryu’s j.hp even when the spacing is perfect, because it beats out everything.
Will try it against his cross up though.


I’ve been doing this quite often lately and gotten surprisingly good results. “Surprisingly good” means it actually works sometimes and is better than being hit by a crossup.


The idea is to use against crossups where if Ryu used jiHP it would whiff.


Well I remember Makoto stuffing Rufus divekicks with it. So, maybe it can work on some normal jump ins too. I’ll try.

Edit: Tried it. It’s useless against Rufus divekicks :smiley:


Against dive kicks, if you can trade ST then it usually trades in your favor. Too bad we can’t follow up with anything though, unlike a shoto who can trade DP and get a free fucking ultra off it :frowning: Another thing you can do during a cross up, is to jump and let them hit you and then tech or back dash as you hit the ground for a reset. It’s better than getting hit and eating a large combo, then knocked down again. Obviously it won’t work on meaty cross up, but any that you happen to be on the ground and can’t get a button out fast enough.

Seeing that Sako vs Emersion match pissed me off. I love how Vega isn’t allowed to do shit because he has range and pokes, yet here is Elena, with a reversal, range, and pokes and hit confirm combos off long range, low profile pokes into overheads and EX moves that also confirm into a fucking ultra.

God I hate this fucking game.


fun fact, elena’s ex dp doesn’t work on vega when he does a meaty even at point blank


Yeah, I abused that when facing House in that tournament.
But EX DP FADC will work and you guys will swap sides heh


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