Matador Video Thread



Wrong thread, anyone care to point me to MKX threads can’t seem to find them.



Here are my videos.

I hope they’re not too shitty for your liking. I still need to implement more fancy tricks (like CH into Kara throw). Valse39 is me, by the way.


Great to see there’s a video that explains the depth of our char nicely. Seriously, how the fuck would someone like that loser vagabond Ryu when you have this complex and beautiful char.

Anyway, I’m off to brush the dust off my Vega statue now.


interesting, now that i think about it, he’s like a nazi. if he makes it into sf5, i hope he has changed to something else, like maybe vega with psycho power, or maybe he changed bodies and went female.

bull shitzu is best fighting style



Look who is alive right now:


Ah it went out far too soon…


We are the only one who knows :frowning:


hope someone eventually responds.
back in the day i saw here…a vid someone posted of a vega doing his super-flying barcelona special…and instead of doing the grab vega did multi hits…how do you do that again?

thx 4 answering.

is it simply by just hitting p very early? i assume so.


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