Matcatz 4726 hacking

I can find plenty of threads discussing dealing with the 4716, but can’t find any about the 4726. . .

The pad I have says that it is a 2006 #4726.

I guess I need:

a) to find if it is common ground
b) to find a wiring diagram
c) what I’d need to do to get the triggers to work.

thanks in advance and I appreciate any advice I can get before I deflower this board.

pics of the pcb please

pic stolen from the interwebs, I don’t have a good enough camera to do one myself.

Do you have a continuity tester or a multimeter?

negative. . . but I think I’m going to have to cave and buy one.

I’m assuming that if I use one, I could check resistance between two points that I suspect are common ground, and if resistance is zero then it is safe to assume they are indeed common?

are there any other tricks with the multimeter I can use to deduce other facts?

Yeah, that’s basically how it works.

You can also buy a continuity tester which will just light up when you connect two common points.

Both are good tools to have.

it looks like A, B, X, Y, LB, RB, DU, and DD all share common ground. But DL and DR don’t share ground with each other OR with the rest of them. . . no wonder people avoid this board. . .

looks like S16A and S16B also share ground.

I have no idea how to check the start and back buttons without removing them from the board.

that’s all I care to figure out right now, I think maybe the back button might be in on the CG action but I need a magnifying glass to see if it is actually connected with the point I tested.

The start and back button will have pins on the back of the board. Usually there are about 4 of them.

I just looked on the back and there’s nothing. . . I think they might be surface mount buttons.

by the way, thanks for helping out, I appreciate it.

np. And FYI, this could still be an easy pad to hack and use in a box.

Just use a stick that doesn’t use the wire harness and has the QD terminals on it.

yeah, it looks like if worse comes to worse, I can just use the common ground where I have it, and do it the dirty way for the joystick, start, back, and guide buttons.

do you suppose I can deal with the triggers using the resistor in the same way you deal with them on the 4716 board?

Triggers should be done the same way with the Hex inverter. It won’t affect the grounding issue that you currently have now.

okay. . . what if resistance doesn’t go all the way to zero, like in certain configurations I can get it to like .5 ohms. . . that probably doesn’t tell me anything meaningful, does it?

.5 Ohm should be close enough for ground. Considering that most resistors are ~100-10k Ohm at 5% a half Ohm won’t do much.

Anymore info on this pcb? I managed to find one but dont know if i can use it in a multi pcb setup (With cthulhu)

If, as the guy above said, the pad isn’t common ground then you won’t be able to use it in a dual mod without a bunch of work. It’s not really worth it.

Thx, saved myself $20 and lots of hastle :slight_smile: