Match Analysis: Chun Li vs Cammy

General difficulties I find in this match:

Cammy has pokes with a better range than Chunli to keep her away from using her

Cammy can render Chunli’s kikoken almost useless by spinning arrow under it. :frowning:

Chunli dun have decent ground counters against Cammy’s dive kicks, which are really FAST.:eek:

Cammy’s cannon spikes stop Chunli’s jump-ins, Reverse Shaft Breaker anti her cross-ups too.:fury:

Pls share any effective strategies for this Chunli in this match you might found, thanks!

We might found this:

Dance dancy dance! When Cammy whiffs a st roundhouse, do st mp -> death! Then you won.

This is all you do the WHOLE MATCH. Not boring.

Also never jump.

Against cannon strike, do a legsweep to trade! It’s in your favor.

I hate matching up Cammy against Chun Lis :frowning:

This match clearly sucks for chun li. You can tell how good a cammy player is by how often they use stand RH. If they spam it, they’re really not good at all. If every time they use it it hits, and only is sometimes blocked, they’re pretty good. Seriously, Cammy misusing Stand RH gives Chun alot more hope in this match than she should have. If she whiffs it, stand Strong->Super. If you block it, it usually resets the match and cammy is off of you for a second. Which is good.

When a character w/ no reversal is waking up, the vast majority of cammy players will walk up and do a meaty close fierce, far fierce, walk forward far fierce/Roundhouse. I’m pretty sure you can’t do jack about the second fierce, but when a cammy walks in to do the 3rd one, use low strong to beat it out. Them using roundhouse will smack you in the face, (I think).

Also, I wouldn’t worry about spin drive smasher to stop your crossups until level 3. Lvl 1 always trades, and level 2 does poo for damage. It still hurts tho, but then you go back to crossing up without worry.

You should primarily concentrate on landing chun’s super just to make sure the match stays even.

So if you’re not spamming st RH… since that’s Cammy’s only poke that is longer ranged than Chun’s st strong… what is Cammy supposed to be doing?

Rushing down? Either your Cammy is much better than my Cammy, or the Chun Lis I’m playing against are much better than your Chun Lis… because rushing down Chun Li is… challenging

Stand Roundhouse is also Cammy’s only move with a huge amount of lag, so missing it can get you killed. You have to work in stand forward and low forward into the mix. They will give chun alot of problems. Especially stand forward. Those moves can work you into the point blank close fierce range… where chun li gets decimated.

I’ve played this match from both sides, and Cammy definitely holds the edge.

it’s amazing what you can find in old threads. these 2 things were both posted by buktooth. but before i post them, chun li’s “get the fuck off me” move is RC lightning legs. if cammy is being a dirty whore and all up in your grill, then RC LL’s, and do your death combo and put the bitch in her place.

anyway, here’s buktooth’s advice…

Almost every character approaches Cammy pretty much the same way:

Keep her out. If she’s close, make sure YOU are the one attacking.

I’ve been preaching for quite some time that Chun is a good counter to Cammy. Nobody believes me, of course, but here’s some reasons why:

Chun can keep Cammy out pretty well with three moves: s.strong (into fireball), low strong, and RC fierce fireball.

S.strong into fireball is your primary keep-away tactic in this match. Cammy doesn’t have enough time to drill under the fireball, and her roll is so slow that you can easily punish it with a combo.

The only move Cammy has that can really match with Chun’s s.strong range is her s.roundhouse. Priority-wise, the moves are pretty much equal, so whoever gets it out first will probably win. However, Chun’s recovery is way better AND her move is also way easier to buffer a super off of on reaction. In short, the two characters are trading off moves, but a successful hit for Chun = about 5500 dmg, while Cammy gets about 1300 typically.

If Cammy does manage to get in, Chun’s low strong will beat 95% of the moves Cammy is likely to use. Of course, you can buffer a super on reaction and make that low strong do 5500 dmg plus get a huge initiative after the juggle. The trick is knowing when to do that low strong. Generally, don’t try it after Cammy’s close fierce. The frame advantage on that move is so ridiculous that ANY of Cammy’s normal moves afterwards will link for a combo. If you manage to stick anything out you’ll just get counter-hit. A good Cammy player knows this, and will often run in after a close fierce and do yet another close fierce, keeping the advantage going. If you have good reflexes you have more than enough time to interrupt with a low strong if you watch for Cammy’s running animation.

The time I would recommend doing a low strong is after a blocked far fierce from Cammy. The vast majority of Cammy players will follow-up a far fierce with one of two things:

  1. Another walk-up far fierce
  2. Standing roundhouse

Chun’s low strong cleanly beats both of these options. Free super! A Cammy player that really knows this match (and there aren’t many) might try to bait you into whiffing the low strong so that she could roundhouse you in your recovery, but the risk/reward ratio is VERY much in your favor. If you think the Cammy player is baiting you, you can use the opportunity to easily get her off of you by doing a walk-up s.strong into fireball.

RC fierce fireball is also great for keepaway. If Cammy isn’t too close, you can almost RC fireball her with impunity since her roll and jump-ins suck. Just don’t whiff the fireball.

Oh yeah, basic stuff:

-low roundhouse anything Cammy does from the air. Dive kicks, low jumps, whatever.
-low jab or s.roundhouse drill attempts (IIRC. People don’t try to drill to get in anymore around here).
-cross ups don’t work very well on Cammy. She has that crazy backwards walking speed like Vega.


Chun Li vs Cammy is basically a study of risk vs reward. 90% of the match is Cammy s.roundhouse vs Chun s.strong footsies, where both characters are doing roughly the same thing with the same objective. However, Chun only needs 2 clean hits to win (and one clean hit sets up another one really well) and Cammy needs… a lot more. Cammy needs a level 3 to be threatening. Chun is threatening 95% of the match since she always has level 1. She also has a MAJOR advantage in having a good roll. Rolling through a predicted Cammy roundhouse is one of the easiest ways to end the round. If you roll badly, generally you’ll either get thrown or a fierce into drill. No big deal. If both characters are close to each other and have a priority battle, Chun’s low strong will beat ALL of Cammy’s moves. Chun li also has another advantage in the footsie game by having a longer ranged low move: her low forward.

Since 90% of the match is a footsie game where Chun has advantages (especially if Cammy doesn’t have meter), the Cammy player either has to have way better footsies than chun or has to be able to get in to do Cammy’s counter hit/throw mix ups. Since Cammy’s jumps, dive kicks and rolls are all useless in this fight, she has to resort to random dashes or random drills to get in… unless the Chun player gets stupid and lets herself be uppercutted.

Thanks for the info guys:cool:
I’ll remember these strats on my next trip to the arcade. More feedbacks are most welcome!

Btw, can Chunli’s low RH cleanly beat out Cammy’s dive kick or it trades? Is it range dependent too?
Think I was zone badly by this move cos I’m not sure whether the low RH works against it or not.

I have more to say but I hate your avatar so I won’t say anything