Match Analysis Thread (Post your matches for critique and analysis)



so when I was learning the ropes Nu made an analysis thread that helped me out. so I am doing the same now. so If you want your match analysed feel free to post it here


your turn … :slight_smile:


Your offence in the video was weak and the only option you explored was jumping in and it was so predictable that I guessed 90% right when you will jump in. you need to look into being grounded more and making use of crMP xx hands alot more. Also you seem to be messing up your stance changes alot or was it delibrate when you did some weird crane crHK

as for gouken anti airing his demon flip can be tricky if he pulls off the parry version and crane crHK has too much recovery so I suggest using ex gekiro or well timed light gekiro and mash the daylight on the kicks.

whats with the crLK crLK crMP hands on hit? r u hoping for it to combo? why were you using it as hit confirm, crLK is +4 on hit and crMP is 5 frame startup so I dont know what you want to achieve.

You need to work on those BnB man it cost you quite a chunk of damage where you let him go scott free.

Work on your mixups as you posed no thread to your opponent.

Blowing the super when one bnb would have done the job is quite expensive.

also when you jump in go straight to TC2 instead of trying to hit confirm with crLK and crLP, its easy to hit confirm of a TC2 and its only reasonably safe on block if I remember correctly

Overall not bad.


thx i was hoping for some advices on the matchup , i have problems with gouken counter …


Gouken can be a bit frustrating, beating his counter can be done by using empty jump throw until he stops using it then you can switch to normal attacks. note that only ex will parry high low attacks so you can opt for empty jump low to beat high parries.

His fireballs are good but try to dodge them without blocking much due to pushback, crane crMK does wonders here.

Check the matchup thread for more gouken info