Match Grade against CPU

I was curious to see what’s the average match grades for people. I’m having difficulty maintaining a B average when using Remy- and I just think that’s because of his lack of abusable combos as well as a number of things the creators crippled him with.

So, post your average grade + what difficulty you play it on.

Difficulty: 8
Grade: C+


grades dont really mean anything…If im playing someone i dont care if i get a E++ as long as i win. Also the cpu is wack…start playing real people.

Usually I get around a S+ on the arcade.

lol, CPU is for practice:rolleyes:! So there is some extent where technique correlates to grade, and that’s why I made this thread. I’m curious what grade people get and how.

When playing real people of course grades are going to vary since that’s a completely different situation- you’re acting to win, not to experiment with what works risking a loss.

Well the grading system is mainly based on a percentage of how many attacks connect, how many are blocked, throws completed, throws whiffed, successful parrys, and if exs and SAs are used.

The cpu comp is fun but of course not the same as human comp simply because, as difficult as the cpu can get, it doesn’t rushdown, bait moves, fake out, or partition into complex combos like an experienced player can. So what ultimately happens is, you can basically just stand there and wait for the cpu to do something and then you react to it without wasting/whiffing moves(i.e. punish attack with parry followed by attack).

CPU teaches bad habits :shake:

indeed. If you want to practice you really shouldn’t rely on playing against the comp. practising by yourselfy should mainly be execution i training mode. playing to much against the comp could actually make you “worse” against human players.