Match-lists for major japanese 3s tournaments!

So I had a lot of free time last weekend and started translating match-lists for all the major 3s tournaments in Japan, with the exceptions of Shirube 1&2 and SBO1&2. (Its pretty common knowledge who’s playing in those).

I put this list together for anyone who might be watching these videos and wondering what some players name is.

I’ll be posting lists for
G-UP volume 1 - Zenkoku 3on3
G-UP volume 2 - Best 12
Cooperation Cup 1
Cooperation Cup 2
Kyushu Taikai 2003
Kyushu Taikai 2004

G-UP Volume 1 - Zenkoku 3on3
Date: Early 2001
Total Players entered: 500
GoForBroke Hub Filename: G-UP_VOLUME_1_ZENKOKU_3ON3_PART_1OF2.MPG & 2OF2.MPG.

Block A Matches

  1. Fujiwara (Dudley) vs. AFM (Chun-li)

  2. Fujiwara (Dudley) vs. Chimuru (Makoto)

  3. Fujiwara (Dudley) vs. Erotic Teacher (Dudley)

  4. OFC (Akuma) vs. Erotic Teacher (Dudley)

  5. Georgia (Ryu) vs. Erotic Teacher (Dudley)

  6. Gifu Ken (Ken) vs. BAS (Akuma)

  7. Hitotsu-Me (Ken) vs. BAS (Akuma)

  8. Meta (Chun-li) vs. BAS (Akuma)

  9. Meta (Chun-li) vs. Nama (Chun-li)

  10. Meta (Chun-li) vs. Shibisha (Chun-li)

Block A Finals Winning team advances to Finals
11. Georgia (Ryu) vs. BAS (Akuma)
12. OFC (Akuma) vs. BAS (Akuma)
13. OFC (Akuma) vs. Nama (Chun-li)
14. Fujiwara (Dudley) vs. Nama (Chun-li)

Block B Matches
15. Hirai (Ken) vs. Riki (Q)
16. Hirai (Ken) vs. Nuki (Chun-li)
17. Hirai (Ken) vs. Match (Akuma)
18. Asaoka (Urien) vs. Match (Akuma)
19. BAL (Yun) vs. Match (Akuma)

  1. Mester (Yun) vs. Shiroitachi (Makoto)
  2. Chikyu (Twelve) vs. Shiroitachi (Makoto)
  3. Raoh (Chun-li) vs. Shiroitachi (Makoto)

Block B Finals Winning team advances Finals
23. Hirai (Ken) vs. Deku (Yun)
24. Asaoka (Urien) vs. Deku (Yun)
25. Asaoka (Urien) vs. Hikone-Ken (Ken)
26. BAL (Yun) vs. Hikone-Ken (Ken)

Block C Matches
27. Shinnosuke (Alex) vs. Itsuke (Akuma)
28. Shinnosuke (Alex) vs. Boss (Yang)
29. Danna (Dudley) vs. Boss (Yang)
30. Rion (Yun) vs. Boss (Yang)

  1. Nitto (Yun) vs. Toshibo (Yang)
  2. Nitto (Yun) vs. Hage (Dudley)
  3. JOE (Ken) vs. Hage (Dudley)
  4. JOE (Ken) vs. Nuru (Urien)
  5. Tokido (Urien) vs. Nuru (Urien)

Block C Finals Winning team advances to finals
36. Itsuke (Akuma) vs. Toshibo (Yang)
37. Chonto (Chun li) vs. Toshibo (Yang)
38. Chonto (Chun li) vs. Hage (Dudley)
39. Chonto (Chun li) vs. Nuru (Urien)
40. Boss (Yang) vs. Nuru (Urien)

Finals (Top 3 Teams) Round Robin

Block A Winners vs. Block B Winners
41. Hikone-Ken (Ken) vs. BAS (Akuma)
42. Hikone-Ken (Ken) vs. Shibisha (Chun-li)
43. Hikone-Ken (Ken) vs. Nama (Chun-li)

Block A Winners vs. Block C Winners
44. Toshibo (Yang) vs. Nama (Chun li)
45. Hage (Dudley) vs. Nama (Chun li)
46. Nuru (Urien) vs. Nama (Chun li)

Block B Winners vs. Block C Winners
47. Nuru (Urien) vs. Shiroitachi (Makoto)
48. Toshibo (Yang) vs. Shiroitachi (Makoto)
49. Toshibo (Yang) vs. Deku (Yun)
50. Hage (Dudley) vs. Deku (Yun)


Sweet!!!I cant wait.

G-UP Volume 2: Best 12 Tournament
Date: 11/25/2001
Total Players: 78
GoForBroke Hub Filename: G-UP_VOLUME_2_BEST12_PART_1OF3.MPG, 2OF3.MPG, 3OF3.MPG

Block A Matches

1.Mester (Yun) vs. Raoh (Chun-li)
2.Nidaime (Urien) vs. Kumicho (Urien)

Block A Finals

3.Mester (Yun) vs. Nidaime (Urien)

Block B Matches

4.AFM (Chun-li) vs. Rakira (Chun-li)
5.KO (Yun) vs. J (Makoto)

Block B Finals

6.KO (Yun) vs. Rakira (Chun-li)

Block C Matches

7.Ochibi (Yun) vs. Ice (Hugo)
8.SSL Ichigo (Alex) vs. Aniki (Necro)

Block C Finals

9.Ochibi (Yun) vs. Aniki (Necro)

Final 3 Players Round Robin

10.Ochibi (Yun) vs. Mester (Yun)
11.Mester (Yun) vs. KO (Yun)
12.Ochibi (Yun) vs. KO (Yun)

Tournament Highlight Matches

13.KO (Yun) vs. Kanimajin (Alex)
14.J (Makoto) vs. Tottoko Hamutaro (Alex)
15.Raoh (Chun-li) vs. Nonomura(Twelve)
16.STP (Makoto) vs. Ice (Hugo)
17.Jiro (Akuma) vs. Raoh (Chun-li)
18.Aniki (Necro) vs. OK (Ryu)
19.MAS (Chun-li) vs. Oni (Urien)
20.Ochibi (Yun) vs. Bistachio (Twelve)
21.Wars (Akuma) vs. Match (Akuma)

1st Cooperation Cup 5on5
Date: 4/28/2002
Total Teams: 37 (185 Players)

Qualifying Matches

1.Deshi (Alex) vs. Mopreme (Mark Rogoyski) (Ryu)
2.Nitto (Yun) vs. OJI (Yun)
3.Fujiwara (Dudley) vs. Nuru (Yun)
4.Georgia (Ryu) vs. YSB (Hugo)
5.Yamacof (Dudley) vs. Hikone (Akuma)
6.Tono (Makoto) vs. Nitto (Yun)
7.Deshiken (Ken) vs. Mester (Yun)

Final Tournament 12 Teams

8.Nuki (Chun-li) vs. Yamamoto (Hugo)
9.Nuki (Chun-li) vs. FAQ (Q)
10.Nuki (Chun-li) vs. Hiro (Chun-li)
11.Nuki (Chun-li) vs. Gottsu (Oro)
12.Nuki (Chun-li) vs. Eroho (Hugo)

  1. Washimi (Ken) vs. 178 (Dudley)

  2. Kunihiro (Urien) vs. 178 (Dudley)

  3. Kunihiro (Urien) vs. Ruu (Yun)

  4. Kunihiro (Urien) vs. Zon (Chun-li)

  5. Kunihiro (Urien) vs. Deshiken (Ken)

  6. Deku (Yun) vs. Deshiken (Ken)

  7. Hikone (Akuma) vs. Deshiken (Ken)

  8. Hayao (Hugo) vs. Deshiken (Ken)

  9. Bistachio (Twelve) vs. Yukino (Chun-li)

  10. Bistachio (Twelve) vs. Tama (Oro)

  11. OK (Ryu) vs. Tama (Oro)

  12. OK (Ryu) vs. Hama (Ken)

  13. OK (Ryu) vs. Chimuru (Makoto)

  14. Georgia (Ryu) vs. Chimuru (Makoto)

  15. OFC (Akuma) vs. Chimuru (Makoto)

  16. Fujiwara (Dudley) vs. Chimuru (Makoto)

  17. Fujiwara (Dudley) vs. OJI (Yun)

  18. Ikeda (Urien) vs. Gohan (Oro)

  19. Ikeda (Urien) vs. Kuni (Oro)

  20. Ikeda (Urien) vs. BAB (Urien)

  21. Ikeda (Urien) vs. Oldman (Makoto)

  22. Suteki (Dudley) vs. Oldman (Makoto)

  23. Suteki (Dudley) vs. Choco (Dudley)

  24. Remyou (Remy) vs. Choco (Dudley)

  25. Match (Akuma) vs. Hentai Ou Inoue (Urien)

  26. Xiao (Ibuki) vs. Hentai Ou Inoue (Urien)

  27. Tokido (Urien) vs. Hentai Ou Inoue (Urien)

  28. Tokido (Urien) vs. Spellmaster-J (Ken)

  29. Tokido (Urien) vs. AFM (Chun-li)

  30. Tokido (Urien) vs. Erotic Teacher (Dudley)

  31. Tokido (Urien) vs. Onanism (Urien)

  32. 178 (Dudley) vs. Ayu (Chun-li)

  33. Ruu (Yun) vs. Ayu (Chun-li)

  34. Nomoto (Akuma) vs. Ayu (Chun-li)

  35. Zon (Chun-li) vs. Ayu (Chun-li)

  36. Deshiken (Ken) vs. Ayu (Chun-li)

  37. Budeji (Yang) vs. Yukino (Chun-li)

  38. Tottomu (Akuma) vs. Yukino (Chun-li)

  39. Nagano (Ken) vs. Yukino (Chun-li)

  40. Nagano (Ken) vs. Hama (Ken)

  41. Tsubo (Yun) vs. Hama (Ken)

  42. Tsubo (Yun) vs. Tama (Oro)

  43. Tsubo (Yun) vs. Chimuru (Makoto)

  44. Meta (Chun-li) vs. Chimuru (Makoto)

  45. Meta (Chun-li) vs. OJI (Yun)

  46. J (Makoto) vs. Suteki (Dudley)

  47. Ryo-Chin (Remy) vs. Suteki (Dudley)

  48. Ryo-Chin (Remy) vs. Remyou (Remy)

  49. Hitotsu-me (Ken) vs. Remyou (Remy)

  50. Hitotsu-me (Ken) vs. Ikeda (Urien)

  51. Boss (Yang) vs. Ikeda (Urien)

  52. KO (Yun) vs. Ikeda (Urien)

  53. KO (Yun) vs. Riki (Q)

  54. KO (Yun) vs. Nitto (Yun)

  55. Joe (Ken) vs. Ayu (Chun-li)

  56. Joe (Ken) vs. Masaki (Chun-li)

  57. Joe (Ken) vs. Ochibi (Yun)

  58. Match (Akuma) vs. Ochibi (Yun)

  59. Xiao (Ibuki) vs. Ochibi (Yun)

  60. Xiao (Ibuki) vs. Danna (Dudley)

  61. Xiao (Ibuki) vs. Kanimajin (Alex)

  62. Tokido (Urien) vs. Kanimajin (Alex)

  63. Hitotsu-me (Ken) vs. Tsubo (Yun)

  64. Hitotsu-me (Ken) vs. Budeji (Yang)

  65. J (Makoto) vs. Budeji (Yang)

  66. J (Makoto) vs. Nagano (Ken)

  67. J (Makoto) vs. Tottomu (Akuma)

  68. J (Makoto) vs. Meta (Chun-li)


  1. Boss (Yang) vs. Joe (Ken)
  2. Hitotsu-me (Ken) vs. Joe (Ken)
  3. Ryo-Chin (Remy) vs. Joe (Ken)
  4. J (Makoto) vs. Joe (Ken)
  5. J (Makoto) vs. Nuki (Chun-li)
  6. J (Makoto) vs. Match (Akuma)
  7. J (Makoto) vs. Tokido (Urien)
  8. KO (Yun) vs. Tokido (Urien)

2nd Cooperation Cup 5on5
Date: 11/10/2002
Total Teams: 13 (65 Players)

Qualifier Matches
1.TK (Q) vs. Spellmaster-J (Ken)
2.Xiao (Ibuki) vs. Raoh (Chun-li)
3.Danna (Dudley) vs. Nitto (Yun)
4.Chimuru (Makoto) vs. Boss (Yang)
5.RX (Urien) vs. Arakude (Dudley)
6.Kurokoromo (Ryu) vs. AFM (Chun-li)
7.Danna (Dudley) vs. RX (Urien)

Final Tournament (8 Team Bracket)

1st Round Matches Bracket A
8.178 (Dudley) vs. Hitotsu-Me (Ken)
9.178 (Dudley) vs. Meta (Chun-li)
10.Raoh (Chun-li) vs. Meta (Chun-li)
11.Nitto (Yun) vs. Meta (Chun-li)
12.Boss (Yang) vs. Meta (Chun-li)
13.Boss (Yang) vs. Hentai Ou Inoue (Dudley)
14.Boss (Yang) vs. Onanism (Urien)
15.Boss (Yang) vs. Spellmaster-J (Ken)
16.Match (Akuma) vs. Spellmaster-J (Ken)

17.Hayaban (Ken) vs. OSH (Alex)
18.Hayaban (Ken) vs. G (Makoto)
19.Hayaban (Ken) vs. Machyaaki (Ken)
20.Deshi (Alex) vs. Matchyaaki (Ken)
21.Deshi (Alex) vs. Namijin (Twelve)

1st Round Matches Bracket B
22.Kanimajin (Alex) vs. Aruka (Ibuki)
23.OTB (Yun) vs. Aruka (Ibuki)
24.OTB (Yun) vs. Budeji (Yang)
25.Pierre (Urien) vs. Budeji (Yang)
26.Masaki (Chun-li) vs. Budeji (Yang)
27.KO (Yun) vs. Budeji (Yang)
28.KO (Yun) vs. Sekido (Yang)

  1. YSB (Hugo) vs. Chiyofu (Ken)
  2. YSB (Hugo) vs. Yukino (Chun-li)
  3. Sawaguchi (Yun) vs. Yukino (Chun-li)
  4. TK (Q) vs. Yukino (Chun-li)
  5. TK (Q) vs. Chimuru (Makoto)
  6. Happy (Alex) vs. Chimuru (Makoto)
  7. Soma (Ken) vs. Chimuru (Makoto)
  8. Soma (Ken) vs. Danna (Dudley)

2nd Round Matches Bracket A (Semi-finals)
37. Hitotsu-Me (Ken) vs. Hayaban (Ken)
38. Hitotsu-Me (Ken) vs. Kumicho (Urien)
39. Hitotsu-Me (Ken) vs. Ryu-Chin (Remy)
40. Hitotsu-Me (Ken) vs. Deshi (Alex)
41. Hitotsu-Me (Ken) vs. Mester (Yun)

2nd Round Matches Bracket B (Semi-finals)
42. Chimuru (Makoto) vs. Budeji (Yang)
43. Chimuru (Makoto) vs. Tsubo (Yun)
44. Chimuru (Makoto) vs. Nachan (Ken)
45. Chimuru (Makoto) vs. Aruka (Ibuki)
46. Chiyofu (Ken) vs. Aruka (Ibuki)
47. Chiyofu (Ken) vs. Sekido (Yang)
48. Danna (Dudley) vs. Sekido (Yang)
49. Yukino (Chun-li) vs. Sekido (Yang)
50. Xiao (Ibuki) vs. Sekido (Yang)


  1. Chiyofu (Ken) vs. Hitotsu-me (Ken)
  2. Yukino (Chun-li) vs. Hitotsu-me (Ken)
  3. Yukino (Chun-li) vs. Onanism (Urien)
  4. Chimuru (Makoto) vs. Onanism (Urien)
  5. Danna (Dudley) vs. Onanism (Urien)
  6. Xiao (Ibuki) vs. Onanism (Urien)

Kyushu National Taikai 2003
Singles Tournament
Date: 8/2/2003
Total Players: 87
GoForBroke Hub Filename: 3S_KYUSHU_TAIKAI_2003_PART_1OF3.MPG, 2OF3.MPG, 3OF3.MPG

Qualifying Matches

1.Kuma (Yang) vs. Aruka (Ibuki)
2.Jubee (Ryu) vs. Pino AB7 (Necro)
3.Sanyo (Dudley) vs. MK-10000 (Dudley)
4.Roshihikari (Yang) vs. RX (Urien)
5.RX (Urien) vs. E.K. (Akuma)
6.Ruu (Ryu) vs. Urayasu (Ken)
7.Munakata (Dudley) vs. K.N (Ken)
8.Takami (Ken) vs. Ushi (Urien)
9.Irudaana (Makoto) vs. Goemon (Ken)
10.Y.Y (Alex) vs. Deshiken (Ken)
11.Ozeking (Necro) vs. Zon (Chun-li)
12.K.N (Ken) vs. Georgia (Ryu)

Final 16-man Tournament

1st Round Matches

13.Munakata (Dudley) vs. RX (Urien)
14.K.N (Ken) vs. Ushi (Urien)
15.Takami (Ken) vs. Goemon (Ken)
16.Zon (Chun-li) vs. MK-10000 (Dudley)
17.RED (Ibuki) vs. Georgia (Ryu)
18.Ruu (Ryu) vs. Kenji (Chun-li)
19.Y.Y (Alex) vs. Metsusatsu Yarou (Urien)
20.Ocha (Yun) vs. E.K (Akuma)

2nd Round Matches

21.Munakata (Dudley) vs. Ushi (Urien)
22.Takami (Ken) vs. Zon (Chun-li)
23.Ruu (Ryu) vs. Georgia (Ryu)
24.Y.Y (Alex) vs. Ocha (Yun)

3rd Round Semi-Finals

25.Ushi (Urien) vs. ZON (Chun-li)
26.Y.Y (Alex) vs. Georgia (Ryu)

Battle for 3rd & 4th Place

27.Ushi (Urien) vs. Y.Y (Alex)


28.Zon (Chun-li) vs. Georgia (Ryu)

Kyushu Taikai 2003
3ON3 Tournament
Date: 8/3/2003
Total Teams: 30 (90 Players)

Qualifying Matches

29.Roshihikari (Yang) vs. Goemon (Ken)
30.Sanyo (Dudley) vs. RX (Urien)
31.Koba (Hugo) vs. Gohan (Oro)
32.Aruka (Ibuki) vs. Kitako (Hugo)
33.Kuma (Yang) vs. MK-10000 (Dudley)
34.Unknown (Yang) vs. Yamada (Urien)
35.Ocha (Yun) vs. Two-moon (Remy)
36.TTM (Ryu) vs. 178 (Dudley)
37.Irudaana (Makoto) vs. Soma (Ken)
38.Disk (Yun) vs. Aruto (Chun-li)
39.Mokomokofu (Ken) vs. Sanyo (Dudley)

Final 10-Team 3on3 Tournament

40.Jubee (Ryu) vs. Disk (Yun)
41.Jubee (Ryu) vs. Tsuyoshi-san (Chun-li)
42.Sanyo (Dudley) vs. Tsuyoshi-san (Chun-li)
43.Ozeking (Necro) vs. Tsuyoshi-san (Chun-li)

  1. Aruka (Ibuki) vs. EBI (Elena)

  2. Aruka (Ibuki) vs. Maru (Alex)

  3. Aruka (Ibuki) vs. Kitako (Hugo)

  4. Bee (Chun-li) vs. Makeinu (Q)

  5. Bee (Chun-li) vs. Roshihikari (Yang)

  6. Bee (Chun-li) vs. RX (Urien)

  7. Ushi (Urien) vs. RX (Urien)

  8. Deshiken (Ken) vs. RX (Urien)

  9. Dot (Akuma) vs. Nomoto (Akuma)

  10. Red (Ibuki) vs. Nomoto (Akuma)

  11. Red (Ibuki) vs. Tsuyoshi-san (Chun-li)

  12. Two-moon (Remy) vs. Tsuyoshi-san (Chun-li)

  13. Sawaguchi (Yun) vs. Shuu (Dudley)

  14. Sawaguchi (Yun) vs. Pino AB7 (Necro)

  15. 178 (Dudley) vs. Pino AB7 (Necro)

  16. Inoue (Oro) vs. Mokomokofu (Ken)

  17. Yamada (Urien) vs. Mokomokofu (Ken)

  18. Kuma (Yang) vs. Mokomokofu (ken)

  19. Roshihikari (Yang) vs. Nomoto (Akuma)

  20. Makeinu (Q) vs. Nomoto (Akuma)

  21. RX (Urien) vs. Nomoto (Akuma)

  22. 178 (Dudley) vs. MK-10000 (Dudley)

  23. 178 (Dudley) vs. Aruka (Ibuki)

  24. 178 (Dudley) vs. Mokomokofu (Ken)

  25. Sawaguchi (Yun) vs. Mokomokofu (Ken)

Battle for 3rd & 4th

  1. MK-10000 (Dudley) vs. Makeinu (Q)
  2. MK-10000 (Dudley) vs. Roshihikari (Yang)
  3. Mokomokofu (Ken) vs. Roshihikari (Yang)
  4. Mokomokofu (Ken) vs. RX (Urien)
  5. Aruka (Ibuki) vs. RX (Urien)


  1. 178 (Dudley) vs. Disk (Yun)
  2. 178 (Dudley) vs. Nomoto (Akuma)
  3. Soma (Ken) vs. Nomoto (Akuma)
  4. Sawaguchi (Yun) vs. Nomoto (Akuma)

Kyushu Taikai 2004
Date: 10/9/2004
Total Players: 101
GoForBroke Hub Filename: 3S_KYUSHU_TAIKAI_2004_PART_1OF3.MPG, 2OF3.MPG


Kyushu Taikai 2004
3on3 Tournament
Date: 10/10/2004
Total Teams: 36 (108 Players)

Match List Final 12 Teams

1.Inoue (Oro) vs. Matsumoto (Ken)
2.Monme (Ibuki) vs. Matsumoto (Ken)
3.Zon (Chun-li) vs. Matsumoto (Ken)
4.Zon (Chun-li) vs. Yusuke (Yun)
5.Zon (Chun-li) vs. Takami (Chun-li)

6.Deshiken (Ken) vs. Shittake Ume Ou (Urien)
7.Deshiken (Ken) vs. Yuu (Yun)
8.Deshiken (Ken) vs. Nasu (Q)

  1. Y.Y (Alex) vs. Tanatosu (Oro)

  2. Tetsugoushi (Q) vs. Tanatosu (Oro)

  3. Tetsugoushi (Q) vs. Pino AB7 (Necro)

  4. Some (Ryu) vs. Pino AB7 (Necro)

  5. Ushi (Urien) vs. Two-moon (Remy)

  6. Ushi (Urien) vs. Red (Ibuki)

  7. Ushi (Urien) vs. Dot (Akuma)

  8. Kazoku Furo (Elena) vs. Dot (Akuma)

  9. Match (Akuma) vs. Dot (Akuma)

  10. Sei (Makoto) vs. Bonus-kun (Ibuki)

  11. Sei (Makoto) vs. MMM (Ryu)

  12. G-Deka (Yun) vs. MMM (Ryu)

  13. Ben (Urien) vs. MMM (Ryu)

  14. Makeinu (Q) vs. TK (Q)

  15. Roshihikari (Yang) vs. TK (Q)

  16. RX (Urien) vs. TK (Q)

  17. RX (Urien) vs. 178 (Dudley)

  18. RX (Urien) vs. YSB (Hugo)

  19. Kazoku Furo (Elena) vs. Tanatosu (Oro)

  20. Ushi (Urien) vs. Tanatosu (Oro)

  21. Ushi (Urien) vs. Pino AB7 (Necro)

  22. Ushi (Urien) vs. Metsusatsu Yarou (Urien)

  23. Kurenai Haru (Chun-li) vs. Monme (Ibuki)

  24. Goemon (Yang) vs. Monme (Ibuki)

  25. Goemon (Yang) vs. Zon (Chun-li)

  26. Deshiken (Ken) vs. Zon (Chun-li)

  27. Deshiken (Ken) vs. Inoue (Oro)

  28. Roshihikari (Yang) vs. Bonus-kun (Ibuki)

  29. Roshihikari (Yang) vs. Makoto (Ken)

  30. Roshihikari (Yang) vs. MMM (Ryu)

  31. Monme (Ibuki) vs. Kazoku Furo (Elena)

  32. Monme (Ibuki) vs. Match (Akuma)

  33. Monme (Ibuki) vs. Ushi (Urien)

  34. Zon (Chun-li) vs. Ushi (Urien)

  35. Makeinu (Q) vs. Kazoku Furo (Elena)

  36. Makeinu (Q) vs. Ushi (Urien)

  37. RX (Urien) vs. Ushi (Urien)

  38. Roshihikari (Yang) vs. Ushi (Urien)

  39. Roshihikari (Yang) vs. Match (Akuma)

What the hell I’ll post the translated Team list for SBO as well.

Super Battle Opera 2
Final Qualifyer Team List

Georgia (Ryu), Fujiwara (Dudley), Kuroda (Q)
Baito Kokujin, (Dudley), Ten’in Yukiotoka,(Akuma), Tenchou Hirai (Ken)
Ayu (Chun Li) Erotic Teacher (Dudley), Hitotsu-me (Ken)
TwoMoon (Remy), RED (Ibuki), S (Yun)
Daigo Umehara (Ken), Nitto (Yun), Chou Hayashi Makoto Sumi (Chun Li)
Negiyan (Ken), Asutoro (Yun), Onanism (Urien)
Sugiyama (Necro), Sawuguchi (Yun), YSB (Hugo)
Raoh (Chun Li), Spellmaster J (Ken), Mester (Yun)
Sekido (Yang), H.H (Ibuki), OJI (Yun)
MMM (Ryu), Shuu (Dudley), DED (Ken)
178 (Dudley), Deshiken (Ken), Ushi!? (Urien)
AFM (Chun Li), Match (Akuma), Pierre (Urien)
Hikone Fight Club (Chun Li), Matsuda (Yun), Washimi (Ken)
BHC (Urien), Dot (Akuma), Mokomokofu (Ken)
Shouga Shiru (Urien), Yamaguchi (Makoto), Hiroshi (Dudley)
Dirty Music (Oro), Aruka (Ibuki), RX (Urien)
Happy (Alex), Pierro (Remy), Ruu (Ryu)
TKP (Dudley), Issack (Chun li), Wata R (Yang)
Izu (Makoto), Chikyu (12), KSK (Alex)
Jima (Dudley), Kurenai Haru (Chun li), Kokui (Ryu)
Nuki (Chun li), Boss (Yang), KO (Yun)
Furuya (Makoto ), Uraken (Akuma ), Nigase (Yang)
Inoue (Oro), Disk (Yun), Nomoto (Akuma)
KTA (Makoto), Kyosenshi (Q), Shonen (Urien)
TMO (Ken), Soto ISO (Urien), OK (Akuma)
Kan-B (Q), Wada (Yun), 777 (Chun li)
PinoAB7 (Necro), Metsusatsu Yarou (Urien), Ibuki12 (Ibuki)
Thomas Shin (Makoto) Pyrolee (Yun), Frankie3s (Ryu)
Xiao (Ibuki), J (Makoto), Esse (Yun)
Denka ( Ryu ) Nagachan ( Ken ) Ume Mon ( Elena )
Yokoyama (Remy), Yamada (Urien), Gong (Dudley)
Tama (Oro), Yamacof (Dudley), Uni (Necro)

Wow…good stuff Dba!now i know who the hell are these ppl

lol my wife says Onanizumu means Masturbation-izm :lol:

It’s actually Yang, not that it wouldn’t be obvious when you’re watching it.

Can’t find my SBO1 list…If anyone has that info please post it.

found this for sbo1. Its not 100% accurrate, but close enough.

Holy Shit :wow:

Yeah I like to think of that Zenkoku 3on3 as a precursor to what SBO became. When you think about it though, SBO 3s was even bigger, when you take into account the number of players who entered the regional qualifiers. I think I calculated the total number of teams that entered to be 347. But out of that, how many entered more than 1 qualifyer? I don’t know. I’d guess the overall participation in SBO to be around 700-800 unique players. lol.

:wow: Wow… evoX3+

:wow: Wow… evoX3+

i finally know who the yun that won best 12 is, him vs k.o. was a good match now if only i knew why mester was using sa2 instead of genei in the finals

Death by Aegis, do you happen to know of who played in any of the big Japanese Super Turbo Matches? Additionally, do you know if they still play the game?