Match making in ssf4


I don’t understand well how the match making, in ranked, works but when i m looking for a fight even when i was and 100 pp the gave me against players with 900, this however i think is acceptable but when i wanted to create a room, now that i have 200/300 pp, i had against people with 2000 or about 3000 pp, how is this possible? i can’t see any option to limit the player skill when you create, but when you choose the room you can select people with same or more skills, not less, so why this happens?


:tdown: There really aren’t that many players online who are as terrible as you…

…but luckily for you the best way to get better at fighting games is to play against people who are better than you. :tup:


  1. Sadly is true, i m very bad, at the moment i have done 269 matches online and won only 58 times…
  2. I hope you are right.


That happens when you create a room and someone with considerably more points than you searches for any match rather than same skill or more skilled.

You’ll learn more from them than from other people also learning anyway.


actually, getting blown up all the time by different characters wont teach you a thing.
friend request a few and play endless with them until you learn how most characters play and their styles.
after that you’re ready to play yomi with randoms


Losing teaches you a lot up to a point. When I get totally squashed by somebody (which still happens a lot) I don’t learn anything except that I have a VERY long road still to travel.

OP, if you are playing on PSN add me (PSN: Yewni). I’m still only so-so at SFIV and am always looking for more people to play.