Match Recording Device suggestions

Hi everyone!

We have a training team with some friends, and we would like to record our SF4 matches. That’s why I’d like to ask if some of you have suggestions on different devices. If possible, I’d like suggestions in the low, mid and high budgets, with good price/quality ratio, as the quantity of devices around overwhelms me a bit. For example, I’ve seen those USB capturing devices that cost around $20 in DealExtreme, DVD players that also record the display in DVDs at around $100, and the Hauppauge HD at $210, but there must be some options that many of you have tested with good or bad results and prices, that’s what I’d like to read about. FYI, our setup is 99% of the time a full HD TV (Sony Bravia, 40’’) and PS3.

Any recommendations will be really appreciated, as we’re still a bit lost and want to start recording as soon as possible, thanks!

A Dazzle DVC would be probably entry level but still ok quality Hauppauge being your best bet

I use Hauppauge 1212 for my recordings
I know WiiWh1ppet uses dazzle so check out his channel too.

I have a question about these devices, basically, how do you record on it using HD TVs? Because from what I see from the device, you’d have to record while playing with RCA cables, not with HDMI. Can you use simultaneously the HDMI cable to play on TV and the component/composite cables to record on the PVR? Or you have to play in component/composite mode and get a splitter to send the signal simultaneously to both the TV and PVR? Maybe you can connect the console to the TV and the TV to the PVR? What’s your setup to do this?

No other suggestions for this? Sorry about the bump, but I still don’t understand this as well as I would like.

hauppauge you use component while playing
dazzle no idea. youtube yourself some tutorials.

i’ve been looking for the same kind of setup - except what i’m looking for is something that’ll record atleast as good as my hauppage mpeg2 encoder that i use in my media center. my only requirement is that it can output to VGA so i can keep playing on my monitor that ONLY has vga input.

Black Magic Intensity Pro is probably the best of the best at the $150-$200 pricepoint, does 480i/720p/1080i, accepts composite, s-video, component, and HDMI(for unencrypted sources, works for 360, not PS3 in that regard), and has a TON of pro level options including live on-chip compression and scaling.

Also has lagless pass-through so you can output and still play.

Highly recommend in this regard, it was worth it when it was new at $500 I paid, and is a bargain at $150-$200 compared to other options.

Thanks, Celestein, will look for more info about it. Do you happen to know some uploaded videos done with this device so I can watch them and compare?

Dazzle looks like it has pretty good quality. Might consider picking one up when I get the cash. :slight_smile: