Match up against Deejay



Seriously, how do you win this? People are always saying how Deejay is the worst character in the game and all this shit, but he continues to be my worst match up. I am a competent player, all my full punishes are 500+ dmg, my spacing and pokes are decent, my execution is pretty good. Deejay players unravel me every time. He is the only character I have this problem with. Low forward is not usable against him, you can’t jump in on him because his EX kick autocorrects perfectly every time. Like Guile, he is rarely in a position where you can unload an easy punish combo on him. How am I supposed to get in? Do I just lame it out and play keep away with fireballs and try to punish when he jumps in? Very frustrated here.


footsies and AA is all i can get from this forum. you have to find ppl here who play with you online to learn.


Don’t let Deejay players fool you, they will all say E.Ryu destroys him but it’s a bad MU for E.ryu. You aren’t going to beat him in a fireball war so you have to walk him down and get in which will be tough. Just make sure to just walk in little by little while blocking because he can just throw out a random sobat kick when you’re walking forward and you lose all your ground from one mistake.

Anti airing Deejay is probably almost as hard as anti airing dive kick characters because of his knee shot but if you can predict it do st.hp, it’s the best AA for it.


it just that evil ryu require more effort,.


can you use instead of


This match is heavily in Evil Ryu’s favor.

Fireballs at neutral are in your favor with regular and red fireballs. Low forward goes further than most of his pokes.
You literally make him guess jump.
st.strong is your friend. Godlike button vs Deejay. It even punishes a blocked EX sobat kick.
empty jump cr.short makes most upkicks wiff.

It’s a matter of playing basic Evil Ryu play. Literally his offense is weak just don’t get greedy while being pressured (pressing BIG buttons during his strings). Don’t bother crossing him up with DWU ( Evil Ryu doesn’t even really need to cross people up anymore honestly.) Just know your spaces and understand his charge timing. Don’t get impatient, that’s the only time he’ll beat you.


Damage is in your favor and you can sweep him to keep him in front of you now.


Agreed, this matchup is in Evil’s favor, no doubts there. It’s just a matter of staying solid. Don’t do anything too risky, don’t let Dee Jay jump in (which he pretty much has to). Make sure you punish bad slides and bad EX Sobats. His fireball’s not nearly as good as, say, Guile’s, so you can zone him pretty well.


10-0 to Evil Ryu because Dee Jay is so bad and Capcom are racist to black people. That’s why they buffed Dudley and Balrog.



Lilevil and links pretty much covered it, I just wanted to say that I used to think this was one of his worse match ups for Evil Ryu in AE 2012. But that was mainly because I was playing the match up wrong. I tried to fight him like how I fought every other character that’s not how you approach the match up. Once I changed my gameplan I felt the match up was even, and now in Evil Ryu’s favor in USF4 with the changes to both characters.

As for jumping at him, their are ranges where you can jump and do a delayed dive kick to stuff his up kicks. You have to be pretty close to him and it stuffs all his regular up kicks although it tends to trade with his EX up kick which is still Evil Ryu’s favor as far as damage is concerned. I wouldn’t abuse it, but it’s their when you want to get a little extra damage and get in.


Does beat his sobat now?

He cant beat you in a fireball war until he is in range for a EX sobat. It is a good way to gain meter that will give you the opportunity to fadc a FADC when you’ll be in mid range. is also a good poke as deejays normals are not so great and can beat sobat and his slide ( unfortunately get stuffed by his slide).
Meaty is godlike against his wakeup options. He cant do anything against this.
If you successfully bait a EX sobat, punish with xx lk axekick (FADC etc… if you have 2 EX for a 420 dmg punish).

If sobat get stuffed by the matchup is even more easier.


5-5 matchup.

Learn to punish in order put some fear in his heart for doing b,f K so much, so recklessly. the Ex one is punishable by s.MP 99% of the time. He changed a lot on Ultra and I havent had the opportunity to check it properly yet. Im not sure about how the machine gun punch works now, in the past you could to hit it with a throw or a low poke, I dont remember. Jumpins against him on the knockdown was quite inefficient in 2012 and its even worse now.