Match-up Help?

Most characters on this forum have a thread dedicated to this, but I didn’t see one. Hopefully it wasn’t something obvious that I missed.

Anyway, I’m new to the franchise, genre, and character, but I’m picking up the game fairly well. After watching a lot of Spencer gameplay, I decided to use him as my point character. I can perform a few remedial combos and have recently mastered TK’ing grapples and things like that. My execution is decent, I have a basic understanding of most characters, game mechanics, etc.

One thing that I am having trouble with, though, is fighting against characters like Dante, Vergil, Deadpool, Wolverine, Zero, etc.

Vergil and Dante especially, as all they ever do is flip/teleport around and fish for downward-H knockdowns, attack me from half-screen with normals, etc. I can’t seem to block against them, or punish any of their moves if I manage to. They also have more range and are faster than me.

I know that Vergil is an “unsafe” character, but when I try to attack him after blocking an opening salvo of attacks (if he hasn’t preceded to spam S, H, S, H, S, H over and over and over again to build free meter and keep me sitting there), he just hits me immediately. Dante is essentially the same way with his neverending, multi-hitting combos. Zero, too. I get completely locked down and can’t retaliate. Advancing Guard hasn’t been very successful, either.

I try to grapple around/down, cover myself with assists, and everything to get in on them, but fall victim to the same thing. What am I supposed to do?

Dante is rough… I haven’t played much Vergil but I’ve played some Dante and he is one of the characters I have the most trouble with, although I do have some experience with him.

First of all, are you playing online or offline? Online Dante/Vergil is mostly herpaderp because all the usually unsafe things they do can suddenly become safe.

Since you seem to have problems with getting hit, why not just superjump? As long as you watch out for Dante’s teleport + Hammer/j. S you should be fine and you should be able to get away from his pressure, even if it’s just for a moment.

Are you getting hit by random Stingers or random teleports? A teleport can be airgrabbed if they’re not covering themselves well enough, in fact chicken blocking is a good idea against Dante. It used to be a sub-par idea but Dante’s have more trouble combo’ing ABCS on airborne opponents now since the magic series pushes you further away. And with the Hammer nerf fishing for airgrabs after Dante’s teleport is a less risky than before (especially online).

Also… You need to learn how to block against Dante or use your own herp-derp invincbility bullshit - the Bionic Arm. Yes, it’s gonna cost you meter. Yes it’s (probably) gonna cost you X-Factor to kill off it right away. But more often than not, players who use Dante have really invested the time into him. Most likely if you see a Dante player - that guy’s probably gonna be the main problem on your opponent’s team (unless they have like, Viper… or Wesker), so it’ll be worth killing him off right from the get go.

Notice that Dante’s zoning on the ground can be made relatively safe with Devil Trigger, but his air guitar zoning can be beaten with well placed grapples/Arms if the opponent isn’t careful enough.

Yep, bionic arm is right on the money. If you’re really having trouble with your opponents moves overpowering you, just wait until they’ve commited to something, and time the bionic arm right (works even against dive kick if you time it right). And if that character is enough of a problem, x-factor that stuff and it’s usually a dead character.