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I am having the most trouble against Juri and the Mishimas. I find them incredibly difficult if not frustrating to fight.I mentioned these problems months ago but I got no response on them. I’m assuming that most of the Vega players quit sfxt.


There’s quite a few Vega players.

I will keep it brief but if you want more in depth you’ll have to wait till I get back from evo.

First tho what exactly is giving you a problem with these matchups? I’m not sure why Juri is hard but as for the mishimas Jin isn’t that bad. Hei and Kaz are tricky due to their ridiculous mix ups. The only answer I’ve found against Hei is to alpha counter the first hit. If the hero is an idiot you can just always block the overhead high assuming they do not know how to adjust and use the low one. Same deal for Kaz. You either have to get lucky with the blocks or alpha counter the first or 2nd hit of the mix up.

Although this just dawned on me but naked launcher may be useful against Hei and Kaz’s low mix ups
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