Match up Practice!

I’ve noticed that this place is usually dead, and most of us are usually in either the Questions/Matchup advice thread.
So i thought maybe we can stay connected with fellow yun players by practicing matchups with other yuns and see if we can help each other like that in endless.

So i guess how we can make this easier to read, just put your Alternate character/System/PSN-Gamertag-Steamid and your location in your post and we can all just add eachother to play those matchups with our Yuns.

Alt: Ryu/Oni
XBL Gamertag: Khaoticsymbiote
Location: Texas

Just message me first and i’m always open to play!

Alternate: Sagat/Ryu/Seth/T Hawk/Zangief
Location: Paris, France

I research a good european Sagat to learn the match-up with Yun