Match up question?



As the Title states having a problem with a keepaway Dormammu rather keepaway in general? Also been having bad evidence pickups like 4-5 bad evidence after getting 2 good ones…


Alright, time for my mangled knowledge to kick in.

If you’re going against someone playing runaway, pick up two pieces of useful evidence for zoning. IMO, the cellphone does not count as a good zoning tool outside of turnabout by itself - it’s slow, can be avoided at fullscreen (just jump back), and will be punished by actual zoners. The photo is a better, since it’s a beam, but this also has slow startup and can be punished by actual zoners or faster beams. You should probably pair either of these with the watch or the vase (a projectile with tons of durability and an anti-air dominance tool).

Dorm is probably one of the worst matchups for Wright. He can throw pillars and chip Wright out all day, and Maya can’t really help. Calling out an assist is asking for happy birthdays. If you manage to stop his zoning with evidence or manage to get close enough to pressure with paper, go nuts, but I honestly think you should just switch Wright out somehow.

As for bad evidence pick-ups, I honestly think I’m the only Wright player that likes getting bad evidence some times. Yes, it stops you from getting Turnabout faster, but I think it’s better to worry less about turnabout and worry more about spacing. Since Investigation Wright has no spacing tools, bad evidence is, to me, a small gift. Whether on hit or on block, if I throw bad evidence on an incoming opponent, I can get a little bit of time to breath and try to fix my position, call Maya, or call an assist. But then again, who am I?

tl;dr Phone or Picture + Watch and/or Vase.
Dorm doesn’t like lawyers.
Bad evidence? It’s not like you had a projectile anyway.


Ya I run Haggar(lariat) and doom (plasma beam) with wright do Dorm will have a field day with my team and I don’t care about bad evidence just sorta irritated with getting a ton of bad evidence in a row.


Against keepaway practice jump blocking the projectiles right off the ground and practice plinking maya to duck under certain projectiles.

For Dorm don’t push block because he will pin you in the corner. Just calmly jump block then when you land call out shield and get to safety. Alternatively if hes really persistent with pillars, try dashing in and using maya to trip Dorm up. Maya is great at nullifying keepaway and to a lesser extent rushdown but be careful because she does have a cooldown and you are going to want to make every chance count.

As for bad evidence all I see is ammo… but yeah it pretty much just sucks.


Well I don’t know how to plink… since I use a xbox 360 controller been trying to find a video for pad but most if not all instructions on how to do it are for stick. :frowning:


Just slide your finger like we’ve said before. practice it until you can at least somewhat reliably plink. On a pad, it’s easier to do, but harder to do consistently.


I don’t use my fingers I use my thumb…


Yeah, slide your thumb across the buttons.


So I call maya out then get evidence then move my thumb to the M fast?


No, you call Maya and plink into the evidence. Basically you do the Maya command and then slide to S.

:qcf: + :m: -> (plink) :s:

When you do it right, Phoenix should already be picking up evidence before Maya even hits the opponent. Remember, when you plink, you’re doing the :qcf: + :m: motion, and then sliding your thumb to hit :s:.


If it were me and i was using a 360 pad with wright i would probably remap my left trigger to S and plink with the trigger instead. That or hold my controller differently and use my fingers, but thats just me.


I don’t like that because it’s HELLA harder to plink on a pad without sliding the thumb. Believe, me I use a fightpad, and I can only plink :l: because it’s next to :s:.


I thought about that but my LT is a one button dash for me


Yeah going against dorm is really bad. Can pester you from full screen, can avoid your evidence, teleports, flight, and what really irks me is autopilot fish hooks eat paper then proceed to hit you. Best thing you can do is what Uglywhen said and try to counter a pillar with a maya tackle. You generally wanna safely tag out in that matchup.

For plinking on pad I thumb roll for L to S. For H to S I use my middle finger for H then drum to S with my index finger. I don’t even try medium plinking lol but it would be the same method as H to S.


Ya like I said I run Wright/Haggar/Doom(using beam assist not missiles) not the best against keepaway but just love the characters not to use them