Match Up Reboot



Going on from the thread on the main SSF4 page - a discussion on mega threads/stickie’s. How do you guy’s feel about re-jigging our match up thread?

Personally I find that we have a wealth of information on the Fei board, but it just seems to be a bit scattered. As far as idea’s go we could compile all of nosone’s/T37 Rampage/judge/samurai and others information and compile it under 1 character piece.

Ie - Under the Bison tag it has everything we know, reversals that we have found, specific match up tips, cross up CW, weird hit boxes, Ultra reversal etc etc, the whole package.

I don’t want to step on any toes, and maybe we don’t have the traffic to warrant it? (although I’ve noticed a few extra Fei’s popping up)

What do you guy’s think? I’m just bringing it up due to the conversation the mods are having at the mo. :wonder:


I feel indifferent about it,we already have both versions of it so(lortebuddings big matchup thread,and the mini MUTP threads made by starnab)It dosent really make a difference.What matters most is that topic creater keeps the front page updated like every month or so.Also i would like if some of the outdated threads got unstickied and new one like general discussion,lab findings and lortebuddings thread got stickied.


I support the unsticking of outdated threads. We’ve got so many useless threads currently it confuses people. As far as I’m concerned, only Lorte’s Links Compendium has been a worthy sticky. Everything else either needs an overhaul or needs to die.

Starnab had the basic formula down with links to each thread, but there was no update to the OP and knowledge that wasn’t character specific was lost in some random character’s thread. I think to start, we should have the links to the other threads (including Lorte’s combo thread), then have Samurai’s How-to guide on Fei, and lastly character match-up info–each thing hidden by spoilers. Each character thread should have a “link to main” and a “link to vs others” section where one can easily hop from thread to thread.

[edit] I’ll draw up a format in the next few days, hopefully we can agree on something via discussion in this topic. In any case, the task of updating 37+ Match-up threads plus the main thread will be piss-your-pants scary.


Sounds good. Starnab’s was going in the right direction but it never really took off, and then it got left to waste away.

I like your idea with Lorte’s combo and Samuri’s How-to, they were my staples starting off as Fei.

The thread should be shut though, with maybe only 2 or 3 custodians. Then we could get members to do write up’s via the mail box or another “helpful hints” thread, or something along those lines.

When your looking at a match up thread, there’s nothing more intimidating than seeing 27 pages of conflicting comments after the OP.


I personally would love it if someone did this. I find this place so confusing right now, as it is.