Match Up Shake Up Thread (Season 2 Match Up analysis)

So we got major buffs. Everyone can agree on that, I believe. The question is, against who. This thread is intended to specifically talk about how the match ups changed due to specific changes from season two alterations. It’s look pretty good so far. I bet we will at least see one Juri at Capcom Cup this year if the right people take her seriously.

I feel like the Guile matchup just got a whoooole lot easier thanks to the charged v skill buff. And the ex ryodansatsu.

I think the faster v skill alone gives her a such a great advantage against shotos, and Sim.

And if you think about it, it also gives you more options against Birdie and Fang too. And in the case of Birdie you get a slightly better projectile for dealing with his shenanigans. Making Mk Fuha safe also feels like a boost against shotos/boomers. They really have to try to get on you first, but Juri’s tools for either keeping them out and taking the initiative feels like it puts a lot of those characters in favorable match up territory for Juri.

I am not sure if this is due to the better hit boxes on ryodansatsu or maybe I just didn’t fight enough S1 birdies, but it seems like basically all of birdie’s dolphin dives can get punished on reaction via any button ryodansatsu.

Cammy seems kinda hard. She has a better neutral imo and mixup is on pbar with our own since or low/overhead/crossup game is pretty wack outside blowing a lot of
meter. She can punish stores pretty easily and LK releases even. Her up close buttons are way better, she is basically permantently at advantage once she start ticking at you. Rough stuff.

Yeah I think Guile can still do well in the mid-range and by playing a more rush down style, but no one can projectile zone her without eating free damage.

As a new juri player how are you more experienced players approaching these match ups? Like for cammy?

Also does anyone have a strat against Urien?

Edit: P.S. Laura strats?

There are two gameplans I employ depending on character in general, and it all boils down to “Can they punish my raw stores in neutral” if they can’t, I’m safe to back off and gather resources. If they can, or just push their pressure onto me if I choose to, I won’t back up and instead make sure every store I make is a safe store during pressure.

If you’re playing a fast and efficient rushdown character like Cammy my gameplan drastically changes, for instance I no longer have the luxury of backing up to get stores because she can punish any raw store with spiral arrows. I have to fight for safe stores in my pressure game and they become a super super vital asset once obtained, especially LK fuha. I like to use a lot of her stand forward and stand roundhouse against Cammy. will hop right over Cammy’s and can beat out Cammy’s slower and can be “OS’d” into mk.fuha when buffered at the correct ranges. Divekicks? Unless it’s EX or spaced perfectly just fight for your turn with a st.lp whenever she lands one, and if pushback is too high for st.lp account for that and switch to cr.lp/ Stopping Cammy pressure is a different story entirely, good Cammy players are all a complete ballache to get off of you. I use a fair amount of my V-Reversal if a Cammy gets on top of me, you sacrifice your chances of getting VT that round but keeping Cammy off of you is worth IMO.

Urien is different, he’s a slower midrange type of character but his buttons are now just as lethal up close with his new buffs. You can afford to create space to gather resources and having a charged v-skill against Urien is never a bad call. Urien’s fireball is slow as shit, you can react with HK ryo or EX ryo depending on where you are on-screen. Once you show a Urien you can answer his fireballs, his neutral game suffers a decent amount. Aegis I cannot give any form of advice for, you just have to be ready to block and tech. I think jumping at Urien is mad overrated, his anti-air game is NOT weak. Only time you’ll get in is if it’s a very deep jump, otherwise you could eat 200+ from his cr.hp juggles. Apart from Urien’s st.hp, and being almost impossible for Juri to answer, it’s probably a 5-5 MU. The biggest issue you’ll have with Urien that almost every other character has is that you need to occupy a space in which Urien can safely poke you from to attempt to fight him in neutral, because Urien’s limbs outdo almost the entirety of the cast. To get into Juri’s favourable range, you have to walk through ALL of the range that Urien can occupy, and you can’t even counter poke with your because it’s range is so batshit lmao. can still be good at longer ranges, but it just gets outright destroyed by Urien’s longer ranges. is your friend because it’s one of few buttons that can contest Urien at the midrange, God bless forward momentum normals. So after establishing Urien can just kinda beat Juri up in a normal war, the main plan I put into practice is throwing out LK fuha to cover my approach, this shuts down every option Urien has that I struggle against when trying to get in. It will usually force a reaction out of the opponent as you approach and you need to be ready to answer it. Do they jump forward? Smack them with an AA, do they jump back? Chase them down quickly and get him in the corner ASAP, do they backdash or walk back? Ready up another LK store while they’re giving up screen space and force him into the corner.

The Urien match-up is less so about neutral and more about finding ways to completely avoid playing it because Urien kinda dominates it. You just need the corner, I don’t think I’ve won against a Urien without backing them up into the corner and then going HAM. Once you’re in - stay in. Save your MK fuha and don’t waste it and force yourself back to store more. You can’t afford to back up for stores against him. Make sure your throw game is lethal and find that one opportunity to land a st.hp xx mk.fuha shimmy into gigantic damage.

I’ll quickly run over some Urien gimmicks you don’t want to fall for.

If a Urien player does Headbutt whiffs to get in when you’re crouched, just do jab - st.short xx LK pinwheel as a “stop that” punish whenever he tries it. You can always spend a bar or use your HK fuha charge if you wish.

If Urien enjoys using Knee Drop at the end of his blockstrings you get a free anti-air MP DP punish for his troubles, if you time it correctly you’ll auto correct if he decides to crossover also. Training mode that shit, I’d recommend training your reactions against any Urien gimmick stuff.

EX Headbutt can be baited whilst keeping your pressure meaty, you just need to be able to time meaty cr.lp/ correctly. Kinda like how you would bait Sakura’s EX DP in SFIV. It’s -10 on block so I believe your best punish is slight walk forward > cr.hp if that’s possible, may not be due to range. If not, then just

Laura match-up?

Fuck her. I hate her. Still haven’t quite figured out what I want to vs. her. She’s…awkward to say the least.

Grain of salt disclaimer -
I’m at a level where I can beat super diamond players with my Juri now, but have only been playing Juri for about 2 weeks and I’m still learning as I go. I may be wrong about a lot of my MU knowledge here.

For Cammy I try to put as much pressure on her as possible because once she gets going she’s really hard to escape.

A lot of Laura’s specials are unsafe so I play really defensive and try to get them to do something unsafe then punish it and take the initiative from there. Getting accustomed to Laura’s approach methods makes fighting her 10x easier.

To add to that Laura can pressure you, but she can’t really do as much b.s. if you have lk fireball and v-skill charged. Smart Laura’s will try to not let you do that, but most of them aren’t aware enough (or are stubborn) and there are safe ways to charge lk at least. V-skill charge can be a response to her larger fireballs if they tend to throw them out, or a knockdown since Laura doesn’t have many ways to punish it on wake up.

I’m having so much trouble vs. Bison, I really can’t consistently answer Stomp and Devil’s Reverse. I have to switch to Balrog when I come across a Bison player.

Her MP DP seems to get stuffed, cr.hp gets beaten and you can’t beat it with an air-to-air or air throw. What gives?

Great tips. Thanks I’ll definitely be practicing that stuff.

I’m not sure about what you are talking about unless you are talking about EX Devil’s reverse which indeed the answer seems to be ‘hold dat’.

If you block the normal stomp you can air throw the followup reverse for free. You can actually air throw the stomp also, but dash under into punish is easier imo. If they EX you can walk under them unless they do it from far away.

If they just do devil’s reverse ASAP you can beat that with just about anything, but MP DP has shit horizontal range so in general you’ll do better with cr. FP as Devil’s reverse is basically a giant hurtbox.

Bison isn’t a hard matchup at all for Juri in my experience.

Yeah, EX Devil Reverse.

I was trying to air throw him out of stomp but had zero luck, maybe it was just me

The answer for devil reverse is charged vskill