Match up thread: Claw



any tips or advice would be great, hes sooooo annoying.

how do i punish:

he rolling attack? after you block it

his super? do you just hold the opposite direction?


Crimson Flash is unsafe on block (-6, -7, and -8 for lk, mk, and hk respectively). Your punish options just come down to distance, but pp (passion press (f/ should usually work. The EX version is -2, so you should be able to take your turn back with s/c.lp.

Edit: a good claw player won’t give you this opportunity often (if at all).


we already went over him in the matchup thread, even his super isn’t reversal so knock him down and u win.

Now something I’m curious about:


It would make sense that you can V-reversal his CA as Mika is strike and projectile invulnerable for the first 28 frames of her V-reversal. A decent claw player isn’t going to do his CA in this kind of situation though.


Huh, TIL…


You can V skill his super =) enough said. also alpha counter his rolls and get a free knock down on his ass. You can punish his m and H rolls with s. MP to combo or the faster option hell you can command grab his Ex if you scout it.