Match up thread: Rashid

Rashid is sooooooo annoying. Full of frame traps and fast moves.

How do you punish:

his eagle kicks?

He spinning hands? They are way too safe and I can’t seem to punish them.

Most Rashid’s I have fought run away. Let them. You can use light peach to charge up bar and it generally prevents them from moving in on you as his moves are fairly unsafe. The bar is very necessary against him. Having ex peach and wingless is super important for punishing a lot of his stupid pressure moves. I’ve also found cr. light kick seems to be a more important poking tool against him than most of the other standard ones as a lot of his stuff gets him in that range and is safe from almost anything other than jab and even that is a stretch. He is generally going to be an annoying match up over all though.

@amrraed I think the most important part of the Rashid match up is to some what counter intuitively NOT try to make ‘corner’ your end game. Rashid can always corner escape. But he can ALSO ‘carry you to the corner’ pretty easily. The biggest thing you need to do in this match up is figure out if they are a jumpy Rashid or a pressure Rashid. A jumpy one you’ll need your ex meter for wingless. Wingless counters a decent amount of his air options and can keep him from getting too much advantage. For pressure however you need to focus on when you can use ex peach to counter his less safe pressure like certain eagle strike moments.

My other piece of advice in this match up is to disrespect his wake up options. Rashid’s ex mixer is pitiful damage wise and has no good follow ups from what I’ve experienced (maybe I’m wrong, haven’t fought many s2 Rashid’s that use it.) It might feel sucky because it carries so well, but you /like/ the corner. Rashid’s pressure is good, but one rope confirm reverses the situation entirely if he makes a mistake and gives you a moment to play that corner game Mika is so great at. He will get out, but that’s fine there will always be opportunities in this battle.

Above all don’t let him annoy you. Be relaxed and mirror your opponents attitude of carefree windiness. There is always opportunities for you to punish and get in on Rashid but like Dhalsim match up you gotta be patient and let him do his shenanigans.

The part I have trouble with most, in Rashid match ups however, is when I don’t have meter or they don’t go for unsafe pressure. Anyone have any ideas on how to set up situations against a ‘safe buttons only’ Rashid?

The " Solid " Rashids are the issue.

His cr.HP is tremendously hard to contest with and his anti-airs are really strong actually. A good Rashid will play keep away and annoy you with his buttons then as soon as you make a mistake he will punish, carry you to the corner and kill you there. He have an actual corner throw loop and his shimmy game is super strong there as well.

When you get him cornered he can V-reversal any F.HP and he will be out. He can jump EX dive kick and he will be out. He can hit you with anything and cancel into V-skill and be out. He can actually do the wall jump and jump so high that EX wingless airplane wouldn’t even catch him at that height ( That did actually happen to me in a match).

His zoning is pretty annoying to deal with and sadly he can low profile the drop kick and full combo punish.

The tips i have is

1- If he is st or cr.HP into EX WW happy then make sure to V-reversal the normal and not the projectile. He can easily throw you if you V-reversaled the tornado.
2- Try to whiff punish the cr.HP with EX peach but that is mostly it, you won’t likely get pressure after it but it is the best thing to deal with it.
3- His st.HK is -4 now so you can TC punish that.
4- His overhead is -6 so you can st.MP punish it.
5- I think he can meaty with LP mixer on wakeup but am not sure how that works exactly.