Match up versus Wekser

I hear this is a bad match up for Wesker, can someone explain to me how. And has this match up improved for any since Ultimate?

Despite my performance against him due to impatience this matchup is strongly in Spidey’s favor IMO. Spidey is small and Wesker hates small people :lol: he hates them even more when they can just stand there and his bullets whiff over their head, and again even more so when they just stand there and he teleports only to get opened up by :l: spider sting, c:l:, :l: web ball etc. Now with the zip cancels Spidey can literally chill on the other side of the screen and just make Wesker come to him. His gun’s lose to web balls and web throws and Spidey can actually press the aggressive if he decides to shoot without and assist backing him. Jumping gunshot is an annoyance but it gets beat out by well placed air web swings and those too lead to damage for Spidey.

wesker’s main threats are
stand gun
jump gun teleport
teleport with assist
command grab
air grab
good ground normals
jS near the ground confirming easily into combos

spiderman can avoid stand gun by crouching (or maybe even standing), throwing web balls (more durability + cancelable), blocking during web zip.
wesker’s teleports all end near the ground, and spiderman can out maneuver them sometimes. this is really wesker’s main tool in the matchup.
command grab can be avoided by being airborne a lot.

Now this may seem weird because I just said crouching for stand gun and being in the air a lot for command grab, but stand gun can really only be used at a further distance. At a closer distance, stand gun isn’t a good option even if spiderman is hittable

air grab is wesker’s other only option against spiderman due to being in the air a lot. be wary.

good ground normals - this are pretty ridiculously good and just mean DO NOT challenge wesker ground to ground.
jS near the ground confirming easily to combos
This is mainly a threat after H teleport so be wary of the distance. Can be used coming down from super jumps/getting hit/normal jumps but it’s usually an obvious move.

Wesker can’t control air space. Without Vajra assist, Spider-Man should beat Wesker for that reason alone.

vajra assist is admittedly really good against spiderman x_x

Vajra is RIDICULOUSLY good against Spider-Man without air blocking. One of the best assists in the game isn’t it? With Firebrand it’s sooooo annoying.

Yeah but Vajra is predictable and easy to counter punish with your assist. Get them trained to call it then fuck him up. I’ve noticed Wesker has a problem with
Trish like zoning. That is, back dash TK web ball zip down back web ball land call horizontal assist normal jump web ball zip down back :l: web swing (stops up teleport and can combo from) Land call assist back dash :m: web throw, etc etc. The key really is to stay away from him and let him mess up trying to get to you. Don’t stay grounded.

yeah i played this team of wesker (samurai edge) vergil( i forget which assist he was using but its the one where he slashes accross the screen) strider( varja)
and as far as i can tell if wesker has XFC he can kill your whole team if you slip up once.
my experimental team of deadpool (katana rama), spider-man ( web ball), and nova ( centurion rush is godlike for spidey during blockstrings)
and basically i was zoning wesker out with DP and then when i have 3 or 4 bars i switch spidey in to do some damage. and if DP and spidey dies its go time with NOVA! dude hits like a freight train and builds some good meter on his own to boot!
combine that with spideys web ball assist it can be really hard to see and block the setups!

okay now for wesker/strider strats.
if wesker is accross the screen harass him with some web balls or web throws.
if he is teleport happy super jump and play it safe until you see an openning or when he makes a mistake.
you can also kinda see where he is teleporting to if he gets predictable you can H spider sting spiderbite for a free punish.
and if your crafty enough i managed to snag him during a teleport with UWT! kinda tricky though and not safe.
if your grounded and he does a random maximum wesker you can do a crawler assault to punish.
he will use strider to keep you locked down so try to be VERY MOBILE!
use weird angles to get withing striking distance from him and be careful about counters.

other than that you land a hit on him your GOLDEN! make sure you take the initiative to push his ass in the corner and keep him there.

now if your on the defensive it gets tricky cause spidey doesnt have a good reversal against teleporters ( or maybe its just me)
i try to block as much as possible and watch out for weskers resets as he can do it about anywhere and anytime.

a good weapon against weskers offense for me at least is the web zip.
i super jump and dash away and zip UP FOWARD cause wesker cant reach all the way up there.
try to pushblock as much as you can against him but be careful cause you can get caught mashing!

other than that this fight is easy peasy!
land a solid BNB put his ass in the corner and finish him off as fast as possible if he gets gun happy crouch and wait for teleport mixups and punish if he gets predictable!

I’m going to move some of this stuff to the match up thread later today so we can have it all in a centralized location

Typically, my Spidey Vs Wesker match ups end up in complete disaster. Wesker’s moves seem to outprioritize Spider-Man’s moves and he’s essentially faster than Spider-Man because of the Teleports alone. Spider-Man is more mobile, but Wesker doesn’t have a very small moment of vulnerability when moving around the screen like Spidey does. I have to be far more careful than usual if I even want a chance to get into him.

Not only that but 1 Wesker combo will break Spidey easily.

just gotta pace the match carefully my dude…
wesker sucks on the defense end so i exploit that as much as i can.
wave dashing is also really good if he likes to pop the gun off too much.

i generally like to use wavedash against teleport happy weskers for some funny cross unders thats hard to see.

being in the air above his head or slightly in front of his face is where he cant do much to you since thats generally where his hitboxes dont cover.