Match up versus Wesker



I hear this is a good match up for MODOK, can anyone explain how? And has this match up improve for anyone since vanilla?


It’s because Viscant said it might be a good match for MODOK in some podcast of something (anyone have the link?)

I think it has something to do with MODOK being able to spend a lot of time floating around in the air where Wesker can’t hit him?

While it’s true that MODOK can do that, it’s doesn’t kill Wesker unless you can convert off hitting him trying to get in. MODOK also has to come down eventually anyway (can’t float around forever!), and this is where he can be put into the grinder… Because upclose, I personally think Wesker rapes MODOK. But that’s just IMO.


That’s why I believe that MODOK should rush down offensive characters and keep out keepaway characters. Against Wolverine, Wesker etc. you never want to be under pressure. So that’s why you have to mount an offense. Against keepaway characters he can usually make them come to him with the shield and such, when they’re usually weaker on the offensive.


Personnally I don’t think Wesker loses to MODOK, but MODOK’s runaway game will be annoying to Agent Smith. It’s very beneficial for MODOK to waste time on Wesker’s l3 XF, and force Wesker to come to him.


Yeah don’t see what wesker can do other than maximum wesker. I would switch out while he’s up high if I had a chance


Wesker does rapes MODOK pretty bad when he gets in on him…like really bad. All of his buttons are better than MODOKs up close and MODOK cant escape safely. From the stand point of MODOK doesnt have to play Wesker’s game and Wesker has to get in close to do anything, MODOK has an advantage or atleast controls the pace of the round. Especially once you consider MODOK can do this while calling assists to possibly get a hit or start an offense of his own . If you can consistently break air throws, then it is going to be an annoying fight for Wesker…unless he has assists that can bring MODOK down to the ground (mystic ray, vajra, etc) then things get sour pretty quick.


…Regenade’s another Wesker player post a weakness about Wesker shortly talked about how MODOK can cover Wesker’s blind spot.


i dont feel as if the matchup is in modok’s favor. granted modok can take advantage of some angles but it isn’t that great of an advantage.


I play trish also, and i got thinking about what made this matchup so good for trish, and tried to think about imitating it with MODOK. My conclusion is that this is probably how MODOK should be played

If you dash into the air with MODOK and then go into flight, you can still call assists just like trish can. Your opponent will either have to focus on you, or your assist, but probably not both. if he focuses on you and you have an assist like doom missiles, he will have to guard or get hit, either way you can easily transition to offense here and stay there up until you want to repeat the process.

If he went for the assist he might almost have to guess, but you can fly up behind him and still transition to offense anyways. If it’s a character like amaterasu you can discourage random supers by firing down at him,which would interrupt it. If it’s weskers random super then your traps can also stop it, and so could your assist.MODOK can’t stay up in the air forever, but neither can trish and she does just fine.As soon as you land you can dash back up and do it again, far away from weskers likely assist and realizing he is weaker in the air, while he still has to deal with your full strength and your assist.

If he has an assist like vajra, he STILL has to deal with your assists, so while it keeps you on the ground it doesn’t really solva any problems for him because he still has to worry.


Remember that MODOK can block during even his command flight. You don’t really have to worry about Vajira that much. Super long startup, just block-punish if you can.


Oh i definitely remembered that:P, is that assist punishable on block if you were in the air?


I’d assume that it’s easy to punish. It seems to have plenty of time to punish, particularly if you call your own assist.


I find this thread mildly amusing. For more information on the Wesker vs MODOK matchup see TA Frutsy vs FR Too Much Damage from top 16 EVO. You can’t help but laugh when Damage decides to put Wesker on point at 5:34 and Frutsy trolls the hell out of him. :slight_smile: I think this pretty much ends the debate on this matchup.



If only every wesker was that impatient. idk about anyone else here but my modok air s rarely ever hits naked or gets air thrown. props to frutsy for exposing a poor team setup by tmd. its how the matchup should play out ideally but i don’t think its convincing evidence. Shrug.


I think this is a great example of how to fight Wesker. Toomuchdamage didnt know the matchup so it was exaggerated, but Modok controls he pace of the match and Weskers only option is to use assists to try and get an opening if the Modok isnt going to give it up. Even if Modok isnt playing the air game, wesker cannot duck the psionic blaster so with a good team setup you can control the ground if you properly spaced. Like most matchups though, adding vajra will cause problems from a patient player. I wonder how many vajra or missile teams Frutsy had to fight.

Also, I land clean j.S all the time, like ALL the time. MODOK has like one of the best j.S imo in the game:
Easy to control trajectory with airdashes
Ground bounce for easy hit confirms
Can flight cancel on block or whiff for safety


I share in the sentiment that SJ. S isn’t that good, j.S is good. If the opponent is good at movement (and pays attention to yours) it’s not too hard to get past SJ.S angle. It’s a bit of an obvious approach imo.


I agree with this entirely. First, if I’m the opponent, I already know it’s going to hit high, so the cross up property is the only thing to worry about. Now, Dok knows where he is on screen, but you can’t really see your opponent in the sj.S cases. So either the cross up property won’t matter, or your opponent will try baiting it and back dash for their turn for pressure. Or, they can air throw it if they see it coming. Yes people will still get hit by it too much because Foot Dive is still an unblockable, but I prefer j.L or j.M unless I’m right above them. I’d also prefer to be farther left or right of my opponent and space with j.M or get in with j.L instead of being right above my opponent with j.S.