Match ups problem help pliZ!

Im havin trouble zero vs fire brand , rocket raccon , super skrull … Im ok vs wesker but if u want give me some more tips on that to is fine with me the more i learn the better…

I hate being this peckerhead, but there’s a thread for this kind of thing.

I haven’t played a good FB, but I have a few buddies that play the other two and I feel like Zero beats RR pretty easily, what’s giving you problems, exactly?

Sorry i know there is a thread for that i just want fast answer and all the first pages are all from vanilla and i dont want to read all that … Anyways the thing is fire brand is the most hard for me because i try to zone him and he got a move that passs thrue projectile and can combo after so i cant figure how to fight him yet … RR the thing is if a touch him hes dead but i got some tool like the shit he do like a three or some shit like that it cause wall bounce and can combo and he is so fuking small that i dont see him when he do de dig that apear behiand u is not like teleports that i can blocl them but the dig men got me mind fuck

I’d really like more match-up experience with Firebrand before I give advice, but try baiting those swoops. It’s also one of those match-ups where buster cancelling Raikousen (lightning) seems like it would come in handy.

RRs dig is, by far, the most difficult thing about fighting him. I have a lot of luck holding my ground and tossing projectiles (I use Doom’s Hidden Missiles assist) until I see him disappear, then I just swipe at air in hopes of him popping up beside me. Can’t do this if he has a level 3 stocked, though. Jump H is also a go-to tool in this match, since he can’t anti-air without calling out a trap, which you can react to.

Since his health is so low, any normal should confirm into a dead Raccoon. Optimally, though, I feel like this match up is best spent on the other side of the screen, tossing shit with an assist backing you up. Just make sure the assist hits low enough to actually connect with his tiny ass.