Match-ups you are having trouble with

could use some tips on

Blanka and Dhalsim are the worst for me. Also Seth is troublesome. I’d say my win ration is 10% with Blanka, 20% with Sim, 30% with Seth.

But Cody and Sagat are piece of cake for my Dan. (80% wins on both)

Seth: Good god this is awful. I have no advice on this other than hope the other player does not have the Seth vortex down properly.

Cody: As long as you don’t get knocked down or zoned out, this is so-so. It’s still bad since Cody has more tools to zone you out/footsies. You have to be on point with your reactions; react to ex.Slide Kick (what the hell is this move called?), whiff punish his footies (did he stick a limb out? Stand Jab/Stand Short. You want every bit of damage), and don’t fall for ex.Bingo (what the hell is this move called?) gimmicks. But if you block ex.Bingo, you get a full combo or perhaps a raw ultra. Also remember that you can grab Cody out of his wake-up taunt move. But if Cody doesn’t do anything and just techs, you’ll miss your opportunity for a meaty mix-up. I believe you can punish ex.Tornado with U1.

Zangief: There are a few videos online of good Dan players in this match-up. Whatever you do, DO NOT GIVE UP REAL ESTATE!!! If you get pushed back to the corner, the match-up get incredibly worse. Actually use all three versions of your Gadouken to help zone out Gief. Bait him to jump with light Gadouken, then anti-air the guy with KRK or you can air-to-air with nj.MK. Normally you would use s.MK to poke, but stronger Gief players will Jab SPD when you whiff it. If you use s.HK instead then Gief WILL NOT be able to whiff Jab SPD you. Mix the s.MK and s.HK to bait stuff.
Remember that medium Danku and strong Danku are -2 on block, so Gief get’s a free SPD. Even the almighty knee is not a good way to apply pressure if you do it at point blank range. Punish whiffed SPDs.
You have to play super lame and super patient.

Sagat: I have trouble with this match for as long as I’ve been playing SF4. To be honest, there aren’t that many strong Sagat players in my area so I can’t be of much help. Pick U1 if you have the reaction. Go in when you get the knockdown. Don’t get too overzealous and press too many buttons around mid screen and start eating kara Tiger anything around even if it seems safe.

Blanka: This is a stupid match. I don’t know which blanka ball is safe, but you can universally block, take a step forward, and s.LK to punish. It’s not much, but it sorta makes up for the chip damage. Up-ball and blank ball can be U1 on block. I think you can ex.Danku as well, someone please check and correct me. You can focus ex.Rainbow ball as well as U1.
But despite all that, Blanka has more gimmicks and infinitely better footsies. Arguable worst match for Dan.

Dhalsim: Do not get zoned full screen at the start of the battle. Get the fuck in there and stay in. Don’t get hit by anti-air ex.Yoga Flame. Do not get baited to jump when Sim ex.Yoga Fire from full screen when he’s got U1 stocked. If you’re a little further than mid screen, remember you can throw out random light KRK to beat out limbs; not very reliable though. I believe cr.MP has decent priority, you can use that to gain some real estate as you’re attempting to get in.
Don’t forgot about the meaty cr.LK option select that you can do; do a meaty cr.LK, ex.Danku, ex.Danku.
-Sim gets up teleport: the first ex.Danku input won’t come out and the second will chase after Sim. Personally, I’m not sure if/how this would autocorrect if Sim teleports the other way.
-Sim gets up and does nothing: cr.LK xx ex.Danku comes out. You should still have enough frames to do KRK or throw.
-Sim gets up and does U1: cr.LK comes out, allowing you enough time to ex.KRK through U1. So it basically happens as cr.LK xx ex.KRK
-Sim gets up and does super: You eat it.

L Horizontal Blanka Ball is safe.
M Horizontal Blanka Ball is safe against everything but -reversal- U1.
H Horizontal Blanka Ball is not safe. You can do far.MK, EX Dankuukyaku, far.LK, et.c.
EX Horizontal Blanka Ball is safe.

All Vertical Blanka Balls are punishable by far-reaching attacks I believe, that is, just about the same stuff as against blocked H Horizontal Blanka Balls.
Of course all of these can be heavily punished in the corner, even on hit.


  • Go into training mode with Blanka as your dummy. Record Blanka doing either L Vertical Ball or H Vertical Ball followed by block.
  • Playback
  • Make Blanka -whiff- the Horizontal Ball.
  • Punish Blanka with cl.MP xx H Dankuukyaku when he lands.
  • Do this ten times in a row without failing.

I dare you.

Ixion are you going to EVO?

No I don’t have the monies for that… nor do I have the powers, yet. I need to step up somewhat before I go to a big event like that. And I need to get a proper converter for my PS3-pad. It’s fu**ing impossible to get hold of a decent one. :frowning:

What kind of converter? Evo uses PS3s so your pad is good :wink:

I heard this one is the best

MrsHowBoat: I want for a PS3-controller (to the XBOX360)… the d-pad on the PS2-controller is a bit too strict/rough for me… or, at least I think so. Idk, maybe I should give the PS2-pad a real shot, but I would need to get hold of a completely new one in that case. I already have two converters for it actually, which I got when I got when I, twice, ordered a product that was supposed to be something else. Bah. The one I’m using now is called Universal Flash or something like that. It works well but it has a quirk: If you use a new PS3-controller, it randomly presses the home-button by itself sometimes, which causes the game to be paused - great for tourneys! So I’m using my oldest worn-out PS3.controller at the time, which sometimes isn’t working too well… I sometimes fail extremely easy things like Gadoukens or Dankus. Although I’m not sure if this converter-quirk is on all of these converters or if I was just unlucky and got a defect one. It wouldn’t surprise me. Or, it’s my electronics-breaking aura that seems to fuck up all electronics around me. Really.

Blueberry: Well yeah that’s true but I need to be able to practice properly too, and I do that on XBL.

Considering stick as well though, but I’m too poor to purchase that right now. :wtf:

You can always try changing the actual D pad for both controllers.

But for PS3 to X360… not too sure

Im using a PS2 pad on my 360 with this:
works quite well :smiley:
As for bad match ups… Blanka/hawk/juri :frowning:

sidenote: I got to 9100bp with Dan and my gold runs out! nooooooooooooo

Today I had a 9-set against an 12000, BP Ryu, he beat me 7-2 and the ones I won felt like he was being lazy.

A good Ryu stays at a distance where Dan is completely ineffective, while he threatens you with and hadoken until you jump, then its DP, ultra, or

I’m having a LOT of trouble cross that medium distance that Ryu likes to stay in to play this little game. Not to mention that blocking hadokens pushes you back, and Dan’s forward dash is really long to FADC it forward…

any ideas?

The ryu match can be a pain dont let them control space. Slowly push them.into the corner, I use st lk to punish cr mk.the main reasin I lose is cause if jump ins. Once in the corner ryus like to jump back hk, I’ll either dash uppercut or ultra. Most ryus are defensive and they will try to zone you full screen whether they have the life lead or not. Make em scared

It’s hard to push him back when at close range those hadokens gotta be blocked and they push -me- back. Didn’t know st. lk punished but still… God I hate that guy.

looks up Holy shit, I did actually give that advice ages ago.

I haven’t sat down in a long set against a Ryu player in a long time. I had the opportunity today, but I was lazy/tired/didn’t want to front money to shits and giggles money match.

-You basically have to use U1 against a moderately skilled Ryu player. cr.MK xx fireball will eat all your life in chip, and you have to be able to react properly to him chucking fireballs and when he’s faking fireballs with s.LK. Better Ryu players (or overall players in general) will start twitching the d, d/f, f motion to bait you into doing ultra. Very strong Ryu players (I’m talking the likes of John Choi) won’t even twitch; they will literally have no fear and stand in front of you. (Side note: Has anyone ever play John Choi in tournament? It is the single most terrifying thing I’ve ever had to do other than play Ricky Ortiz, but that even wasn’t as terrifying as a full screen Ryu walking up to you while he has the life lead.)

-While Ryu is generally looking for a cr.MK xx fireball, you have to play footsies. Inch back and forth, judging the space carefully. If they whiff the cr.MK, Dan’s s.LK can tag the leg for a bit of damage (I think it’s about 30? 45 on counter, I believe) but that’s pretty much what you really can get. I think Dan’s s.MK and s.HK will go over Ryu’s cr.MK, but I’m not entirely certain as to what the hitbox and hurtbox are when they collided.

-Don’t get baited to jump at that sweet range where Ryu will recover and SRK you. Personally, just neutral jump and do either light Danku (for meter), nj,MK (spacing, I guess? Dissuades Ryu from trying to air-to-air), or nothing (land, reset back at neutral position). If you must jump in, I believe doing an instant air light Danku will hop over the fireball.

That’s great stuff, thanks. Ixion also told me to use instant danku and it is great. Also great idea onthe nj. I use U1 too and i caught this Ryu several times with it.

Ive been having a lot of problems with vega lately, any tips anyone?

Yeah: don’t lose to Vega.

Edit: I kid! I kid! :slight_smile: Jesus

What is it that gives you problems in the Vega matchup?

I get zoned out a lot by good vega players and can’t seem to find a reliable answer to wall dives. Its starting to feel a lot like the chun match. like Vega’s will spam pokes and when I jump in they’ll just njh. maybe I need to play it a lot more like the Chun match