Match-ups you love as Vega (regardless of AE lol)



I’m going to be honest some people will probably fall asleep while they’re playing if they enjoyed the matches I really like playing as Vega…so what are your 3 favorite match-ups for Vega? I’m also making this thread so us Vega players aren’t constantly in a shitty ass state over his balance issues, I thought it be cool to have so positive fun threads…so without further to do…mine:

  1. E. Honda - I know some of you might say “WTF” but honestly this is probably my favorite match-up in AE because it’s really a test of who is more impatient (Honda vs. Vega is a life lead match) and it’s pretty fun seeing how hopeless and annoyed some Hondas get trying to get into Vega’s zone to later lose after it took them an eternity to finally get in and end up with Vega on the other side of the screen…and it’s like a bullfight how you pull out that jump back fierce as Honda does a head butt lol

2.Zangief - Even with U2 it seems to me like Gief really has a hard time getting his hands on Vega and similarly to Honda, it’s pretty fun (at least to me) to get chased around by the Russian bear himself for an eternity. Walk up to Gief (and he finally thinks that he’s got you) and he later finds out that you just clawed the shit out of his face with jump back fierce, stuffing his lariat or grab

  1. Adon - Not as similar as the last two right? Well, really I like the Adon match-up because I feel like it’s a really equal match-up (and I’m aware that people have different opinions), both are fast characters (or at least, are supposed to be) and both utilize zoning to frustrate their opponent…I do enjoy a very competitive match between these two characters…also this match-up has a lot of open space unlike other match-ups where you have to worry about stretchy limbs or projectiles…its very much an open field for both characters…

List yours =]


Blanka - cause i get to rushdown

Sagat - cause i get to loop

E Ryu - cause i do omgwtfsomuchdamage

Seth - same as E Ryu

Viper - because I like to see who can rule the air more


Balrog - Because my footsies keep him out and it’s so fun to throw him around when I can press the aggression instead.

Gouken - He forces me to play a funny Oki and I really enjoy the different pace.

Viper - Again, she forces me to play weird.

Dudley - I know the matchup like the back of my hand, he’s like Rog for me.


3? That isn’t enough, i really like a lot of the match ups

Adon - because he forces you to learn about your standing pokes, and can play the spacing game as well as you

Blanka - because its the ultimate war of attrition

Chun - becasue of the footsies and spacing needed to win the match up

Cody - because its a war of normals and how willing you are to commit to a ST

Dudley - becasue it boils down to how well you can out space him

Fei - because it feels like the most balanced match up in the game for me

Guile - need I say more?

Ken - the game of chicken between these two gets pretty intense

M.Bison - because he is free on wake up for Vega, and easier to deal with when he is in your face. while the same can be said about when Vega is knocked down and Vega is pressing the advantage. only match up in the game where this happens in my opinion.

Makoto - because it feels like both of you get the same amount of reward for the same amount work you put into the match up. Everything feels earned in this match up.

Rose - because she teaches you to learn how to use your crouching normals, and it comes down to who has better contorl over crouching normals

Rufus/Cammy (Super)- becasue that’s how an offensive character should feel like when playing against.

Ryu/Sagat - even though the don’t even play the same, overcoming amazing zoning against fireballs feels great and may be the ultimate test of knowledge of spacing and reading the opponent. Shame fireball zoning feels and looks too weak in this game.

Sakura - Vega vs Sakura, Fate of the crouching mk.

Seth - because its the ultimate roll of the die with out it being to stupid like the other mix up characters. You either dominate all round long, you get dominated, you dominate and then get dominated, you get dominated and you finish dominating. Feels like a real mix up character.

Zangief/T.Hawk - becasue they force you to put everything you have learned through out the game’s life into practice.


Guile- When I first started off as Vega this was probably the match up I hated the most. Now a days I can wait to run into a Guile and play him for a sap. Nothing beats waiting crouched in the corner and waiting for Guile to get impatient enough to throw a Sonic Boom from across the screen only to get a Bloody High Claw in the face because he forgot that the ultra gose through his progectiles. All Guiles are guilty of making this mistake and I love it.

Yun/Yang- This may sound crazy but I love taking the twins down. It maybe bad Yun and Yangs out there using the dive kick most of the time but I love when they try it up close and I can air throw them before they get a chance tohit or attempt a reversal. Also love catching Yang with a Splendid Claw when he trys a long range roll launch.

Bison- Catching him in mid air and showing him what real poking legs can do never stops the smile on my face.


Hakan- Sooo easy, most of the time. Hakan just can’t deal with Vega’s pokes and kara throw, oil or not. Also, it’s very easy to bait out Hakan’s U2 with a whiffed FBA. The only thing he really has (since most of the time you try to stay out of grab range) is that move where he slides on the ground and hits you down. Both normal and EX versions of this move are highly punishable, leading to >ST. and st.Mk alone would beat Hakan.

T.Hawk- Big, dumb and slow…and ugly. He’d make the perfect kill but he’s extremely powerful, but, let’s not forget, you’re extremely fast. St. HP and st. HK take off his life little by little, and an occasional fba works well in this match with T.Hawk being so big. Since most jackasses think Hawk’s air game beats Vega’s you will often find Hawk in the air, attempting random condor dives with no success. Air throws easily beat this, and even on block you can backdash out of reach. I believe (could be wrong) st.Hk can punish a blocked Condor. It’s weird because it seems cannot punish a condor dive, and it has the same start-up; oh well, this is a minor wrinkle in a match overwhelmingly in your favor. Hawk is a watered down, less effective Gief.

Evil Ryu- Either people haven’t got comfortable in his shoes yet or he needs serious detailing. i wouldn’t know, I don’t use him. What i do know is that he is KOed very early in the round most of this time, and his weak health doesn’t seem to help. JI.HP >cl.hp>cr,mp>ex-fba will haunt the dreams of many Evil Ryu’s. Basically half his health bar gone in a beautiful flash of violence ending with his head being slammed upon the ground. It must be very discouraging…
It sucks because I like Evil Ryu’s animation after he wins a match, and I never get to see it. :rofl:

I dread playing mirrors, Chun’s, Rufus and Vipers.


Hands-down, my most practiced matchup, and the one I know the most about. I get a thrill in being able to beat all of their options from almost anywhere on the screen.


Mirror match

So free


Could you give me some advice in this match?!


El Fuerte! He runs around an for once i’m not the only one getting chased! It’s so much fun when we’re both zooming around the screen trying to confuse the other person!

Zangief: He can’t get in…I get to taunt.

C. Viper: She is just awesome to watch.


mirror match


Rose - My first main, she’s all about footsies and if Vega can open her up.

Adon - My 2nd main, it’s all about trying to stay on your feet using Vega’s superior poking game to force Adon into making a terrible decision.

Sakura - the ONLY match up I have where I have too much personal experience against, my friends former main and he really didn’t use anyone else for about two years.


Gief - “You keep a knockin’ but you can’t come in!”

Sagat - mmm Izuna Vortex. The safety word is “Tiger”


Gouken: Cause I can punish his every move so easily and he is the one to play more carefully.
Guile: Nice to watch what he can do when I get the knowdown. He is helpless.
Sagat: Because of his huge hitbox and bad recovery on projectiles, he is simply a prey.

Btw, I didn’t get why everyone says Sagat because you can do the loop to him. You can actually do it to nearly all the characters except teleporters and Chun-Li.


Sagat - Endless Izuna Drops
Oni - "Go ahead, cross me up for an easy wake up ultra. Thanks."
El Fuerte - Fun!
Shotos -So familiar with this match up…I even play a game with myself, calling out loud what they will do next.


Most fun matchups I would have to say…
Yang: Shutting down Yang is fun. Nuff said.
Dhalsim: Getting in is a challenge. Its like a brain tickler full of Yomi on both sides. Frustrating? Yes. But very fun.
Juri: This is probably the fastest pace matchup for Vega. Battle of the footsies!


Vegas enjoy playing Sagat?

How sad.

*goes to the mountains and practices uppercuts on more bears.


Guy- Some of my favorite matches are “wtf omg its been 20 seconds and we’re both at full health” bouncing around the screen trying to get that air throw in.
Juri- There is just something about fighting Juri that is fun for me. I’ve never quite figured out what it is.
Rufus- Matches with Rufus are always very quick paced and it forces me to try to bring my opponent down faster than I normally would for fear of being stuck in the corner while Rufus pounds my sweet tush.


I like fighting Yun. I SAID IT.
Fuck Yang though XD


i hate them both…

but i’ve always hated yang more…

(always being since ae release)