Match vid records

The following match seems to have clearly set a record for the number of times a single move is used:


the guile vs guile match in the above vid


378 sonic booms thrown in one match

I was thinking whether anyone else can think of other fighting game records? Perhaps the highest number of throws, or quickest KO, or longest match, most parries etc

EDIT: I guess any two players who had the time on their hands could sit down and produce a match vid to beat the above record, but the fact that it came from qualifiers for a major tournament would still give it more legitimacy.

350+ sonic booms

350+ sonic booms? Can I have a link to that match pleases?

Ok a Youtube vid has now been linked to in the first post.

This is the third time you’ve posted this match.

And you haven’t even edited the videos so only the match with the Sonicbooms are in.

I think the old SF2 games are not really good at high levels. Come on, 2 top player Guiles in HF or 2 top player Sagats in ST or SSF2 and the game becomes a bigger joke than MK2. I think they were OK for their time, but are nto so good for tourneys and what not. Its nice for whoever played it when they were kids. Daigo and the Wolfes probably like it because of the memories, but new players either suck or get good enough to see that the game kinda sucks.

The game it’s dragon centric and it’s more about timing and mind games because of it’s simplicity. It’s not the characters that make the game interesting, it’s the players. Perhaps if you played with top players you would understand a little better.

This guy says the truth.

It’s actually only the second time, and one of the main reasons I started this thread is because the other thread got shut down for no apparent reason (certainly no reason was offered by the mod responsible). And I don’t believe I am under any obligation to learn how to edit vids just for your convenience.


I agree with this, except the part where you say “it’s not the characters that make the game interesting, it’s the players”.

Clearly in the above vid, it is the characters that make the match un-interesting. In pretty much any situation, Guile’s safest bet is to throw a sonic boom. Hence the madness that ensued. However, if he’s fighting against a character who has a motion projectile (as opposed to a charge projectile), he’s eventually going to have to jump, or block, or try something else, because he won’t be able to keep up with the rate of the opponent’s fireball barrage.

If anything, I think this vid shows that mirror-matches usually suck. Unless there’s a particularly interesting player in action, I usually skip watching any mirror-matches (whatever game it is).


The sonic boom match only

this is fucking retarded, we already have a thread made for this type of shit. look at the stickies tards