Match video editing software

Hi guys,
Lately I’ve been recording some local ranbat stuff we’ve been doing, but I’m having trouble finding some good software to actually cut up the footage and add the names in during the matches.

I was hoping to just use Windows Movie Maker but I can’t get it to do simple adding text stuff so I can just add names to the top of the screen during matches, it only seems to do really simple titles or something.

Just wanting to know what other people have used in the past.
I just want to be able to do really basic stuff like what’s in the Gamers Vision and Denjin Video (FFA) ranbat videos.

Can someone please point me in the right direction?
Even if it’s to use Premiere or something.
I tried to use Sony Vegas and had similar problems.

adobe premier

If you’d rather not steal from companies, you can use something like Avid Free DV which is perfectly free.
Doesn’t work with Vista, though. Hopefully you’re on XP.

who said anyone’s gonna steal? that’s a horrible thing to assume.