Match video thread(lets' get it started!)

I would like to see some good shiz in here post links and all that. I personally have all the ones of akuma players from but i need MORE!! so if some of yall vets wouldn’t mind posting up it would be much appreciated. also if someone would just tell me the names of websites etc. that would be good. Also could someone post a match vid and then break it down with some commentary. i’m trying to improve big time here, so let’s get it going. email me stuff and i’ll put it on this first post or just leave it in the thread doesn’t matter to me.

akuma vids

i have some, give me ur mail and ill send u some jap vids

anyone have any of “Match” match vids?

locoghoul i have lycos and they don’t let me recieve big files, can u tell me a email service to get that is good for this type of thing and i’ll get an acoount with that. sorry but my account sucks balls. or u can pm on yahoo if u have that.

try and i’ll post up if it works. it probably won’t though.

yeah “match” match vids would be great i’ve never seen any but i heard he is great.

im sending u 3 akuma vids featuring match, the acho cup was total ownage by match, he ocv the other team. well let me know if u received them,they are not that big.

please upload here whenever you get the chance!

i got one of them with him versus makoto thanks dood. if ya sent more my lame account probably couldn’t hold em lol. man match is incredible.

thanks man,

I want to seeeeee

Should upload 'em at or something

ok, i received mails asking for jap akuma vids, unfortunately a virus erased all my documents a couple of weeks ago, so my 15 Gb vid collection was lost. however, i still have a cd with gamenewton footage from '03 with some akuma vids, so thats what i got now. from the old vids i had, i recommend u go to goforbroke2 hub and look for an acho final cup from early '05, where a sick akuma player beasted on a whole team.

Go to the bottom of the page and look for the last two links at the bottom under the # Reload advertisement. The second to last link is the one you want. Basically the best display of Akuma I’ve ever fucking seen. Hurry up and download it before it goes off the site (which may be in only a couple days so HURRY).

in a 5vs5 acho cup, from a couple of months ago, there was also a sick akuma player who ocv’ed the other team. im wondering if its the same player.

Name of the player that OCV’d the other team (which was Senaka, Ohnuki, KO, Pierrot, and Kokujin) is Yukiotoko. Never heard of him before watching this match, but that was a beastly display.

akuma beasting

so where can we find these yuki otoko vids?

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yo thanks much loco ghoul for the match beastage. damn match is so so smart man i would send u a email but my account is not working right now for some reason hope you see this cause i really app. it man. thanks for supporting this thread!! good shit!

yeah that acho is hot man. meant to post this up earlier lol. good good shit!!!

here is a link of another match vid. is a final four tournament, first semi is match vs a ryu guy, 2nd semi is ko vs another akuma player. final match is Match (on the left) vs the other akuma (right side).

I missed the 5vs5 a-cho cup… can anyone mirror that please?

^^ yes please.

gonna upload the acho 5v5 and the other match vid again

thank you.