Match videos from Oni-Con: Melty Blood ReAct and Naruto 3

I was running Melty Blood ReAct at Oni-com and took some match footage of it. I also sneaked into the Gaming room and got some Naruto 3 matches as well.

Sorry if the quality of the match videos are so-so. Had to change cameras then got bumped around a lot while filming.

Right click and save as

Enjoy and let me know if I should bring back more match vids from my other con exploits

You’re still playing v2.009a or something? Final Tuned has been out for a while now, if you care the link is here.

file you’re looking for is mbr2501ft2.exe

I’ll comment after I’ve watched them all.

Edit: Not bad, but please please use better encoding next time. 50mb for 3 minutes is insane.

I upgraded to Final Tuned after the con so the next batch of videos will be from that version. However I won’t be at anohter con until A-kon next year.

I’m gonna take a stab these guys are mostly casual mbr players?

P.S. I do think it’s cool how you have the game set up at cons as well as sell copies of it. Keep it up!

Hey, thanks. Glad to see people still trying hard to expand the game in US. Who were the players, btw? Come to Anime Expo fools, we’ll try to set up 2+comp at the console game room.

IMO though Kohaku player in the first few rep could have used more reverse beat. her medium >jab or fierce >jab chains are GREAT, safe pokes.

Ahaha, that was you?

I was the one who played both Shikis and Nero near the end of Saturday, and told you that the upgrade was free instead of a seperate cd.

Naruto tournament was a bust on Sunday. Even if I won the red octane stick, running a tournament with all random pick is kinda dumb IMO.

Also, it seems that’s my Shiki in the first vid. I was playing around since most of the con people were just mainly onlookers, so I did the blood heat super in hopes of connecting it for watchers to see. XD If I wasn’t playing around, I just used Nanaya and raped for free.

Not sure who was who other than the Husui&Kohaku player’s name was Albert. I was demoing the game and had some copies to sell to people at the con and people seamed to really like it so I think i can start something with it.

I did upgrade to Final Tuned after the con was over and I’ll be bring it to my next con. Due to my budget though it looks like I won’t be at another con until A-kon.

Yeps that was me. I did do the upgrade finally the day after the con. I was going to enter the Naruto tournament on Sunday because it was the only time I really could get away from my booth but after hearing it was random I decided not to.

I was going to do Shiokaze-con but I have some restructuring I need to do and the budget won’t allow me to do it and A-kon. Getting an invite to A-kon is huge because that is the only way you can get in so I am going to put everything into that.

shikamaru =:tdown:

I’ve heard a lot about this game by word of mouth and through the net, but I’ve never seen it anywhere else. Could someone fill me in on the playstyle and if it is worth purchasing/is available?

That’s cool. If I decide to go I’ll see you there.

:rofl: at the Nanaya vid. My r0b0t the Guilty Gear player was watching me play and when that match was finished he said “It’s like me with Sol Badguy!” XD

The sticks were really nice, although it seemed that they went through a bit of wear and tear for the display. Not a fan of the button layout either but I didn’t want to make both of them different for the players who were probably used to them. I use pad mainly but the layout for Melty Blood in the arcade is really good for sticks, IMO.

Im glad to hear everyone had a good time. Thanks for the feedback on the sticks too. I have to repair them for the next con because the springs got tore up something fierce that weekend. I might change the smaller stick (the one with Jet Li on it) over to a Sanwa and I am building another stick using all Sanwa parts so I will probably run them next time.

As far as the layout I picked the one that would be the easiest for people to use.


Since it was similar to games people have played before. However since I upgraded to Final Tuned Im going to have it laid out


To emulate the arcade version.

This link has the demo to the game.
I like playing it, even though it appears to be a little broken. I’m not sure how many people in Bama plays it.

Demo is based off an old ass patch, so pretty broken. Full game + final tuned patch = far more balanced.

Check this thread for MB info.

I’ll cya there. Stone you need to go too.

Heh, if I manage to scrounge up money for that, then okay. Otherwise, you can make it to Showdown and we’ll play some then if I bring my laptop.

I’ll proply goto a-kon again as long as hot chics cosplay as Morrigan and have people calling us fags for not watching hentai.

Shit if you go… ill buy you some gummies! Yay gummies!!

hmm I might try to talk to Ranma before the showdown about bring my set up and running a Melty Blood tournament there. I was using PSX to USB adaptors for the game and there seamed to beno lag so it should be easy for people use their sticks and pads on it.

If not I’ll be there getting scrubbed at CVS 2 GG2X and 3rd strike.

Well, there has already been 2 GG tournies hosted over there. One last year and the one that just happened. I’m sure someone will hold #R (hopefully Slash) next A-kon, and I’ll hopefully be able to go.

I’d be kind of crazy having Ramna actually put effort into a tournament at a convetion, seeing as how 90% of the people who will join SUCK!!!

I found it funny at the last a-kon that happened for the GNT3 tourny. All my friends placed top 5 (including me) out of like 40 people. People got fuckin’ pissed when I picked Itachi tho, but no one got pissed when someone picked the guy with the Puppet?!?
OMFG, seriously shows how many people even know the game. Itachi is at least tourny allowed… while the guy with the puppet… omg, you know its a scrub tourny when hes not banned.

wow, there seems to be a simmer of hope left for the this game (melty blood).
good luck w/ getting ppls interest.:tup:

oh, and u guys seriously need to update and do a little reading up on the engine. good stuff, otherwise:clap: