Match Videos; What makes and breaks 'em?

Quite often I’ll hear more expirenced players talk about Match Videos. Personally, though I am amazed on how the matches go, be it a combo, a nicely timed parry, etc. I am still not sure what I should be looking for in match videos.

Also, when I’ve watched a match video, it seems if one character is played well in my oppinion, alot of others simply say that the other player sucked. What am I missing here?

What makes a video? Chun! What breaks it? Ken!
But seriously, I like a video where both players seem evenly matched. What you said about one character doing well etc, I know what you mean, a lot of matches tend to go one way, with one person dominating (NOT always, Im not saying that, but Ive definatly seen many matches like this). Sometimes this is due to the other player simply being stronger. Sometimes its due to a bad matchup (Urien vs Makoto, for example. It could be that the loosing player is just not playing well that match (it happens). Someone ALWAYS looses in a match of SF.

As for what I like to see in match vids. Both players struggling to keep control of the match, meaning one person just tearing it up, then vice versa. I like seeing crazy comebacks (like someone getting their entire bar taken away and come back to take the opponants half bar without getting hit).

I DONT like watching Chun vs Chun matches (I have to see them enough when Im playing them), or matches with Ken in them, just because I have seen so damn many Ken matches. Other than that I like watching pretty much any matchup.

Assuming you want to improve at the game, you watch match vids to look into the players type of strategy and apply them in your game. What most players do in their game play, should come in handy when it comes to your game. Sometimes if you find yourself losing to a certain strategy, you might want to see how a good player would approach it,etc…

About your second question, maybe you haven’t been looking at too many match vids. In your opinion, a character could be played well, but their might be flaws in his gameplay which his opponent could have countered. A good match most of time should be pretty even.

And this was my gay philosophical response to watching match vids.

Take a look at 5 Star and Vic going at it in recent vids. Its some real hot action.

People like watching evenly matched players…
I like watching one player OWNING the other one

ppl do entertaining stuff when theyre far-superior/desperate.