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I am somewhat a fledglinig Ryu player. Though concept and theory is understood, execution is far far away from being acceptable (By my standard, but then anything short of flawless is a let-down). Knock down, dash up close to play a wakeup-guessing game of over-head, sweep, EX-Fireball, EX-Hurricane Kick, EX-Dragon Punch, Parry, or Block in hopes they attempt a dragon-punch and punish it on the way down.

However, I am wondering if there are any decent match videos out there or ones that can be recomended to show solid Ryu play. I’d personally would enjoy the chance to see match-plays and discussion on those videos ((Currently on XBL aswell, so I’d like to start getting more games in. Anyone wanting to show the newb how it’s done is welcome to try :slight_smile: ))

You should try to find footage from: MMM, Georgia, Franki3s, Namijin, Ruu. In you may find videos of most of these players. Also, you can check KSK site for some ranking battles with Namijin in it.

U can try some sharing program like DC++ too, go in this hub for 3S vids:

Here’s a bunch of Ryu match vids: Torrent Link

thanks for the vids TSC. Great quality and camera placement

I can belive how many random ex Joudan i saw hit in those matches.

Can, or Can’t? It did seem like a surpring number, but I could imagine it happening if the other person is dash happy. Why did the Ryu player (PaulT?) always do roundhouse after landing it? I thought you could dash cancel the recovery into an srk or tatsu?

Cant, as for the EX Joudan if it hit you can even hk tatsu without dashing, and is better damage wise.

Well, there are two ways of looking at it:

1] Dashing into a DP or tatsu after the EX Joudan [Or even HK tatsu as MajinRyu said] is obviously the “safer” option and if it were in a tourney you would most likely pick the safer option. [As I saw him do in the tourney before those casuals] Seeing as these are casual matches and nothing is on the line there isn’t always the need to play safe.

2] The roundhouse, or even dash in HP reset is obviously less safe and they both do less damage. However, they both allow for better mix-up opportunities than a dash in DP or tatsu.

I guess it just all comes down to playing style. American Ryu’s play different than Japanese Ryu’s, American Ryu’s play different than HK Ryu’s etc… Eg: If that were a Japanese tournament or casual match vid you would 9 times out of 10 see the safe approach.

Thx for the torrent, overall good matches, liked the Ryu and Akuma matches. :tup:

I am usually on the gfb hub and have some Ryu footage, but am always looking for more Georgia, Frankie3s and Namijin vids.