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Here’s some websites that I’ve ran into during my net surfing. Hopefully ya’ll find these videos real helpful for self-improvement and entertainment. You’ll need Real Player 10 and Windows Media Player (at least 9) to view these matches. Also, an ID from is mandatory for some of these videos. Here’s the websites: (A GameSpy ID is needed and it has a few pages worth of vids). (A different page with HOTTER vids). (Look for the “See More Intros” and “Match Vids” section). (Pay attention to the “Media” section on the right side of the page). (Just some websites to visit). (No vids, just Evo 2004 info).
They have some awesome videos there. But of course, you have to be a registered member to download them. Click on the “Videos” section at the top of the page after you registered. Hopefully, someone will find something they like from the website. Also, check in the forums for more videos.


GameSpy ID

If you’ll look at the website links I have in my message you’ll see that the first one is for File Planet. Now once you click on the link to make it on the site look at the lefthand side of the page. You’ll see a menu in gray background and in black text under “Members”. Click on the title “Login”. While on the GameSpy ID page, scroll down a little and you should see an application-like form below. That’s where you should register up. Just fill out the form and you should be set. Once you receive your ID type me a message so I’ll know that it all worked out and then you must perform a few more steps but I’ll wait until I see your new message to tell you the rest.

For those that’s ready for the next steps…

Click on one of the Forum Planet links I have at the top in my message and then click on a video link in the forum. It’s going take you to the FilePlanet website so you can login (that’s where you’ll type in your email address and your password in the green box). What’s going to happen now is a special page will appear showing the name of the file you’re attempting to download, how many downloads there is for the file and the size of the file. The next thing you’ll see is “High-Speed Servers for FilePlanet Subscribers” (don’t click on nothing under that heading because it’s only for paid subscribers). If you’ll look down further you’ll see another heading called “Free Public Servers” (this is the one you should use because it doesn’t cost a thing to download here). Now, what’s next is clicking on “Download” if you live on the east coast or west coast (midwest would be considered “east coast”). Then a small page will appear stating to you that your download is ready so click below that statement where is says “Click here to begin download” (make sure you read everything else on that page). After that you’re all set…then enjoy the vid.

sawada’s sak is garbage. somebody tell him to play R2Bison/R2Blanka.

Very good site!

Check out this site even though I know it’s quite popular:

To see previous match videos click on the link “News Archives” at the bottom of the page.

Dont forget about:

I hope this helps…


does anyone know where i can get some otaku vids? i heard his k groove is nasty.

I just saw a match of smooth and glory play. Smooth plays the same team as Otaku, and it’s amazing how similar their play styles are…mad props smooth

EDIT: How could I forget to give props to SmoothCat and not Glory? Glory your play style is hella sick also! If RC was allowed then Honda would be probably 2x better! Get that knockdown and guess right! Nah, all in all these two players are solid as hell, and I gotta give props where props are due, so congrats to smooth and glory cuz these players are more solid then i could imagine them being!

bumping for my own reasons

Here’s another link that I just found:

A real nice site. Definately worth the check out.


Yurimura Sei - Japanese CvS2 Match Vids:

The match links can be found at the bottom of the page. Also, if you look below the CvS2 picture you’ll find some links of semi-tactic videos for certain characters. Note: The first link don’t work. Enjoy.

CvS2 Thoughts - Pro Match Vids:

Make sure you have WinZip.

if this gouki semi-tactic vid is any good, i finally might be able to put pop demon to some good use.

Berlin Summer Meeting 2005 - German CvS2 Tourney Videos:


Where did I get these videos from?


That match and almost all the other matches that came from the same site sucked. Ratio 2 C-Cammy sucks. C-Chun sucks. Cammy trying to use a level 3 after blocking a Guile level 3 because Guile tried to punish a drill with his level 3 sucks the most. I don’t even need to watch the rest of the match after watching the first round because I already realize what a sucky match it’s going to be.

The match where Rai plays is a good match, but it’s obvious Rai’s opponent isn’t as good as he is unfortunately. The other guy just does all sorts of unsafe stuff and messes up his combos and openings while Rai walks all over him with however he wants the match to be played. This video didn’t suck, but it wasn’t really that great either.

The video that came the closest to being a good video was the Kok match. In the match, there’s a really cool moment at the end when Kok is doing a blocked string on a cornered Bison with his own Bison. Instead of ending his string with one-hit scissors like most random A-scrub players would, Kok is very smart, has his eye on opponent’s guard bar the entire time, and ends his blocked string with jab psycho crusher instead. The last hit of the crusher guard breaks the opponent perfectly and leaves Kok at point blank range to do CC xx death.

During the Blanka vs Sakura part, it was also very smart of Kok Blanka to hold his ground and actively be on lookout for Sakura random roll, which he punishes every time. Scrub Blanka would of been jumping up and down or jamming on the back hop instead.

As for the rest of the match though --> :tdown: What a boring and mindnumbing time it is watching two players use A-scrub team against each other. Only on other people’s recommendations, or if it’s a player I know who I like watching already, am I ever downloading another CvS2 match video.

Too hot!

Check out this new site I’ve found:


It’s really hot! Trust me.

Stupid Kok using A-Vice… :rofl:

Also there’s a fancy A-Kyo combo in that match if anybody else hasn’t checked out this video already. :tup:

I’m getting an “ERR”(error) message when i click the first link. =[

save as :x

kok and his she-males.

She males like Allen like cock…

What’s up with the C-Kim player??? He hella turtles out a round doing nothing but sweeps…misses like two opportunities for the infinite…and then decides not to kill after super…WTF?