Match with "youtube celebrity"



I fought FREE1UP( you can look him up on youtube, he fought a set with darksydephil) a few minutes ago. I hope he posts it, thought I did saikyo proud. I barely took round one and he barely took round 2 and 3. He obviously is unfamiliar with dan he was a sucker for the mk danku cross up. I had him resorting to teleporting on all his wake ups. To be honest, Ive faced much tougher Dictators, I made a few mistakes that probably made the difference between winning and losing. Hes good, dont get me wrong but he seems to be a one combo guy. Seems like all of his effort is put toward landing his signature combo, if he cant do it, theres not much else to his game.


Good to hear you hold the Saikyo Flag high, tsd! You’ll take him down next time!


Isn’t that guy the one who can’t type with a shit on here or something? I’ve been hearing about his posts.


meh, i’d be more interested in fighting YOU, tsd, or Xiao’.

or watching you vs Xiao!


Once i finally get free from my current workload Ill have more time to play and hit you up for some player matches.

Ive been working around 16 hours a day every day for like the past 3 weeks. sneaking in a few games here and there. (I work from home). But once I am done I will have 6 months of nothing to do (I am a software dev contractor, so thats how it goes, during dev i am always busy, after dev during support/warranty period I sit around with my thumb up my rear)


Wait, mk Danku can cross up? Is that the air or grounded version? Does HK cross up as well?


it doesnt “hit” on crossup, like a cross up blanka ball if thats what you are inferring.

its a mix up. if you score a knock down they cant quick stand from, do an mk. danku over their body, they should be up just as your animation ends. They could be blocking in the wrong direction, or think they can take advantage of your apparent cooldown, and try to attack you on the recovery of your danku. Alot of people will assume you screwed up with the danku so they think they have a free punish. The ball is in your court here, you can throw, koryu, initiate another combo, neutral jump etc etc. If you have meter your best option is hp koryu fadc. of course once someone gets used to the tactic its about equivilent to mixups with blocked hk danku. Early in a match its best to lead off with a koryu on the danku mix up, that way you train them to block(even if you cant fadc it), then throw, then throw again, then hp koryu fadc. I was killing him on that mixup, so he just kept teleporting away on his wake ups.

Think of it like kens lp shoryu trap, where it looks like you can punish him, then you eat an hp srk. except less risky.


Once I get a PS3 I’ll be sure to hit you up eventually.