Matches vids of Me

This thread will be used for me to post match vids of me that either I record or someone else record.

All critcism and advice will be appreciated.

Current vid:

Not working for me.

Ok, reuploaded and smaller file =D. Its now a WMV.

Ok it should work this time.

I didn’t know Cammy can spiral-arrow under a shoto fb…

Anyhow, the Rock vs. Gat part was beastly. Alot of baiting… I like that. I think that was the most skilled part of the match-up.

A good vid overall.

Wasn’t interesting…

i’m pretty sure he posted for advice/tips from the readers, not to show off.

shin: @ 2:46, you looked like you were looking/waiting for sagat to do something, and he jumped, what happened to the super?

when you get raged, you gotta change up some of your game from what you usually do, to just flat out supering their ass.

i can’t really comment much on K-cammy: looks no different from the K-cammy players from kinha if you ask me.

Thanks for the feedback. With all this help, I guess I can know how to step up my game.

I don’t really do much with Cammy excpt for s.RH limbs that whiff and hit them on recovery, amazingly this made my Cammy much better. now I just need to work on doing random ass cammy shit that I did before (you can see it in this vid) like random spiral arrows and stuff.

Too bad my Blanka didnt get to see play. I really need help on him because he is my anchor and I get fucked up big time sometimes when I play.

On Rock, I’ve been playing him since day one so I basically know what to do through experience. That random Repukken didn’t seem smart though. Cold’ve gotten supered now that I think of it.

BTW, keep up the good work, I’m listening to everyone and whatever they have to say.

I’ll continue to post vids as I record them.

if you’re gonna talk about ugly matches…

050625_r2_f01_nakayama_vs_miyat from kinha

during the cammy vs cammy match, miyat missed a lot of opportunities to super(unless he was trying to save his bar by not supering after he landed s.fierce a billion times, which cost him a lot of health by the end of the round).

What the fuck does that have to do with anything? Ino would OCV you, me and 99% of everyone else on these boards. Thanks for the vid shin.

You silly man, you know nobody’s as good as Ino

can anybody hook me up with some Ino video’s? I’ve never seen him play

Expect vids later today (Its Sunday here on the East Coast). I’ll try to upload as soon as I finish recording them.

My camera has the 32MB xD card that it came with so only 1 vid can fit and even then it has to be about 3 minutes which is barely a game so I’ll only upload whatever matches fully finished before the 3 min mark.

I plan to buy a 256MB xD card soon so until then, bear with me please.

Again, all constructive criticism for me or the people I play is welcomed. Try to point out either things you see I do alot or things I should’ve done in a certain situation and I’ll pay more attention to that.

::Edit:: Didn’t record any vids. None of the matches were under 3 mins. Sorry guys.

Ok, a new vid of me is up.

This is from the Chinatown fair Tournament on 9/24/05. I’m on the right playing K-Sagat, Cammy, Blanka r2 and my opponent is on the left playing C-Blanka, Ryu, Iori r2.

This was in the losers and it was 1 game.

All critcism and advice is greatlly appreciated.


Expect more vids next week.

Learn to space out your spiral arrows better.

stop forfeiting free hits, press more st mk with sagat, watch the spiral arrow distance, if iori spams RC flower on you I’m pretty sure cammy can spiral arrow under its hitbox and hit it for free when he loses invincibility, if you jump straight up he can dp you as you land, other than that you’re doing fine

I was the guy with the crappy vice in the first vid btw, and I only did so bad cuz 1. I didn’t even know how to use vice yet and that was my second time using sagat 2. I was on a controller, so…