Matching button colors with artwork

Hello all, I’m about to start my first stick mod and am having trouble with something. I’ve searched all through tech talk and couldn’t find what I’m looking for so show mercy if I’ve missed it.
I’m looking for a way to match exact sanwa button/ball top colors to artwork. Thanks in advance for any help!

What does your art look like?
Have you considered contrasting colors? Example: blue w/ orange
or color combinations?
You can consider looking at clear seimitsu’s or the recently released clear sanwa’s to insert artwork inside to match your stick.
There are colored, bubble, mesh, custom painted balltops available
You have a lot of options when it comes to retailers. SRK’s Trading Outlet (read the rules first) , lizard lick website, akihabara shop, ettoki etc. etc.

Exact color matching is hard. All photos of buttons are wrong, all monitors show them wrong, printers print them wrong, and none of the beforementioned match each other. Getting close is a science.

If you have your own printer, your best shot is to calibrate your monitor (and printer if you can), have buttons in hand, try to match them on screen, do a test print, and see how well they match for you.

I wonder if Sanwa has anything anywhere about Pantone values of their colors?

Someone made a Photoshop palette that you can use, but I believe it was sourced from LizardLick photos, so it will only be as accurate as those photos (not accurate to real life).

Yeah, I have my art semi-ready, at least the color scheme. It’s just a simple green and black, nothing fancy. i’m planning on using black rim/green plunger sanwas. I just wanted to match the green on the art to the sanwa green. I have everything ordered, just wanted to match the art color to the buttons.

Thanks for that link. That was more or less what I was looking for. I know the rgb colors on screen won’t match up to real life. I’m afraid I’ll have to get em in hand and do some test prints. Oh well, gotta break some eggs I suppose. Thanks for the help guys.