Matching Template Art with EXACT button color

I hate to ask this…but does anyone know where to find the forum post/psd file that was created to perfectly match the sanwa buttons colors to use on stick art?

I tried both the advanced forum search and google search for the site, but when you type in any combination of words i get a swarm of unrelated responses. Sadly some of the stick art threads are 500+ pages long and impossible to browse for the answer. Thanks to anyone who responds :slight_smile:

heh imagination my friend or mockups lol TE/SE template thread first page?

Oh…why didn’t I think of that? :wink: It’s not any one of the template on the first page. It’s more of a file not a mockup template.

To clarify, someone actually made a psd file that allowed you to get a spot on accurate color sample from the sanwa OBSF buttons to color your art to match it perfectly. I just can’t remember where I saw it on this site. I guess that’s what happens when you browse the forums at 3am and forget to bookmark :xeye:

Theres a swatches file.

There is no PSD.
But I did link this many times this month already.

You should thank me everyday for three months.

i thank you all the time, you never say anything!

my purple sanwa ball and my ps-14-kn do not match, the solid purples really suck :frowning:

Sanwa colors do not match Seimitsu colors.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you…don’t worry more to come later!

If you’ve been posting this so often maybe it should be added to a sticky to save you some time…then again you might not get as many thanks! :wgrin:

Seriously though, thanks SO MUCH!