Matchmaking and Coaching

I wanted to create a thread for people of all skill levels to go to set up matches or even get in some practice from a certian player on the site. Please be polite and keep in mind that not every person here has the time to check the site or the console all the time so if you dont get a reply instantly then dont freak out. Other than that i have a format below that was inspired by another person on the site. (im sorry i dont remember the user name but if you see this or know who it is please contact me so i can add their name here)

Please copy and paste this format and fill it out so that it is easier for people to read the information.
Thank you for your time.

Gamer Tag: Takeda01
Games played: Street Fighter
Main: Dan
Alt: Yang
Blaze Blue (Just started playing it)
Friend request ok? Yes
Skill/Play level: Med/High
Mic: Yes
Comments: I usually play at any given time, I do have a family and a job so some times my play times are really random. Im always looking to help other players as well as learn new things.

Again hopefully this will help players build in skill and build the FG community as a whole. If any one has any questions please feel free to post them.

With no disrespect, the best way to get better is by playing against real live people, not online. I think the best thing would be to hit up the regional matchmaking forum first and see if your city has a community already. Try to connect with those people rather than random players.

Otherwise, this thread will just be a list of people scattered across the country who want someone to play them. We already have that. It’s called Xbox Live/PSN.

lol no disrespect at all. And i agree but this is also for other people that dont have that community. Just a little something to help. Thank you though

There are so many threads like this in online section…and various character subforums.

Good luck though.

Please use the online matchmaking section for your online matchmaking needs. The newbie dojo is for answering gameplay questions.