Matchmaking based on country flag?

HALP, im getting nothing but laggy matches in ranked and battle lounges. It keeps pairing me up with people all over asia and not North America.

lol same here, I had a bunch of Japans, Spains and Mexico… I highly doubt any of these are 5 bar connections… CAPCOM PLS!

Matchmaking has NOTHING to do with the flag you have up. I had the same account that i played on in my visits to Asia and in Egypt.

While in Asia i only got paired against Asians and in Egypt i was getting mostly EU players.

I wonder if anyone can see the flags of the players in the Battle Lounge list consistently?

The matchmaking is based on IP, not flags, as the flags can be chosen by the plyer.

Nope they dont show up here.

I really hope they fix it as in Europe you can rely on the flag to tell what kind of connection they have.

Well, not really.
I was in Australia when the game came out. Now I’m in Europe and I’m stuck with an Australian flag

Yeah, I’m in Europe, too and I hate having to get inside a Lounge just to see the other guy is from Japan or America.

What, matchmaking in SFV? What is this nonsense?

Hmm, well I guess resetting my router fixed the problem.

For some reason on the global map, it was showing that I was located in Japan. I ended up doing a direct connection to my modem therefore resetting my router and it now shows that I’m located in NA.

Kind of weird, I was getting matched up with alot of Jp and chinese flags during ranked and casual matches before I reset my router. Even when I chose 5 bar connection only, it still paired me up with 3 bar connections.

It seriously probably had to do something with proxies and resetting. I guess I was supposed to reset my router after trying out that Ddon game which required a proxy.

Your flag determines nothing. You can select any flag, it’s just flair on your account basically.

its simply broken. I tried everything but still cant find matches in this game. it takes about 20 minutes and then I get matched with someone across the globe. the map shows my correct position though.