Matchmaking: DOA 4 & 5 Edition


Just picked up a copy of DOA4 for Xbox (seeing as how I just got a new one, I figured why not) and after playing it for about 4 minutes I was instantly reminded again as to why this is one of my favorite fighters of all time. Not very good at it considering I spent most of my childhood playing it casually, but I aim to change that by the time that 5 comes out. Therefore in turn, I decided to make this.

This thread will be for matchmaking across all consoles for Dead or Alive 4 AND 5. If you wanna throw down some matches then post your info in the following format:

Describe when you’re usually on
Which game you’re posting for, or if both
Ect ect ect

I hope this thread gets a lot of response, because I really want spend a lot of time getting good at this franchise again before 5 drops, and what better way to do it then train with your fellow fighting game enthusiasts?

Also here’s my info:

Onslaught EXE
USA, Colorado
Pretty much on 24/7.
Posting for DOA 4 right now but 5 as well when it comes out.

Happy hunting. :tup:






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