Matchmaking: NYC Area


Hi all, just looking for some people to get some games in without the horrible aspect of lag from two states away.

I live in Westchester, NY (20+ mins outside of the city) and I’m looking for some consistent matches with people around here (CT, PA, NJ players all welcome!). I played hardcore at release up until the semester ended (late May) then got sucked into my summer job. With school back in session I’d like to get back into it full swing. I play Akuma pretty much exclusively now (used to play Ryu but just too many daigo wannabees for it to be fun anymore) and I’d love to get some matchups with every player on the roster.

Drop a line in here with your gamertag and add me on
Xbox Live - atm0
PSN - INTERNET_soldier

Seriously guy? The same thread only about 7 threads away. It wouldn’t hurt to search next time either. North Atlantic section is already cluttered as it is.