Matchup against Dictator

Yesterday I was playing a few matches with my friend whose using Dictator.

He constantly keeps a distance away from me which he is able to poke me with his standing mk and standing hk which makes me very hard to get in. The only way I can get to hit him is to use sweep to hit him if he is going to do a standing hk to hit me.

The other thing is he always does a combo ending with scissor kick and after that he’ll do a psycho crusher which I wasn’t able to block it. I get hit when I’m blocking on crouch. When I try block while standing I also get hit. I tried blocking the other way and I still get hit. After that my friend told me that I need to block different direction depends on the strength of the Psycho Crusher that he’s using.

Need advise on ways to close in on him and how I am able to block the Psycho Crusher after the combo.

Thanks in advance !

Nuetral jump and mix up dive kick timings to get in
On blocked scissors kicks, judge whether you can clk rekka punish
Forward throw, dash pause jump mk works well on dictator
Also, sometimes bait ex psycho crusher to punish

I really dislike the Bison match-up, it feels like he takes most fun aspects of Yang and says fuck you to them.
Footsies are very slanted because stand roundhouse makes crouching medium kick whiff, I haven’t fought Bison since the last time I realized this was a problem but theory stuff is you could try palms and slashes to have a variety of timing for the Bison to think about. The sweep may be the only legitimate ground game approach though, and varied divekick timings being a way to approach from the air while being extremely patient. Remember Bison has mediocre AA when you jump past his stand roundhouse range as well but he’s not really allowed to jump at you if you’re on top of your game.
Close medium kick AA is not a good option because of Bison’s forward jump fierce hitbox, so you have to be confident in your Short Rollkicks AA or you’ll have to try meeting him in the air with jump Roundhouse/Fierce, but unfortunately you lose out that juggle to ultra damage potential.
EX-PC(Psycho Crusher) are punishable I think if he hits you anywhere in the first half of the distance he goes, ex-rollkicks I find are most reliable against point blank EX-PC because it doesn’t air reset and still does solid damage, EX-Slashes air reset if you mistime so I’d do them if I’m not sure you have the time for EX-Rollkicks.
The ambiguous PC sounds unfortunately legit, you may have to just block and hope you guess right. Alternatively ex-teleport may save you at the cost of meter and I don’t know if regular PC has projectile properties like I think EX-PC does but it’s worth a shot to see if EX-Rollkicks will save you in that situation.

Yes, lk scissors followed by immediate hp crusher is a good trick against people unfamiliar with the bison matchup.
When you quickrise after the scissor knockdown, then the crusher hits you as a crossup, so you have to block the other direction!! Then you can block. He cant change that fact with the strength of the crusher, but of course he can delay the crusher a little bit, that it dont hit as a crossup but hit normally.
So just lay down, dont quick rise if he uses this method very much. To counter that, he can do a lp crusher, followed by immediate hp crusher, then it again, hits as a crossup, but that is not THAT easy to do. Just lay down, dont quickrise.

I also kind of main dictator, I think the yan matchup is good for him, mainly because of the frame disadvantage of divekicks hitting too high (Cammy or Rufus is a bad matchup). Also Yan doesnt have a mk crossup anymore etc, got nerfed too hard.

I think you will have a very tough time against dic with Yan. You can think about playing a secondary character, there is no sense in taking toooo much time in bad matchups.

Hmmmm, so the best solution is to not do the quickrise.

Does the strength of the scissor knockdown do any difference to the Crusher crossup as the different strength of the scissor changes the distance you will land ?

I try to use my secondary characters Yun and Guy when I’m fighting against my friend’s Dictator but also will use Yang and try to slowly find a way to get in

if you really want to piss off dictator players then play a solid ryu/guile haha.
other than that I am not familiar with the Yang / Dictator matchup in particular but since he’s Juris most annoying matchup I happen to play this one alot haha.

I just tried it in the lab and Yang’s cr.MK beats dictators s.HK but not his s.MK. Generally my problem against him is that I find it hard to keep him knocked down but it’s doable if you know how to keep that fucker on the ground. I think the ultra of choice in this matchup would be U2. You can OS Ultra after forward throw > dash > s.LP > j.MK (always crossup easy to time). If you don’t have U2 you can resort to EX Roll (loses to headstomp) or
forward throw > dash > MK teleport > overhead / cl.MP / s.LP / commandthrow etc. He loses his backcharge if you cross him up and the overhead makes the exstomps whiff.

If you mix it up properly with the safejumps he will definately have a hard time. Also from that j.MK setup you could also do a LK divekick for a non crossup. I don’t know much about the Rekkas knockdown though. You can catch him with s.HK’s and HP Rekka from backjumping but his wakeup game is too good and the risk reward not really in your favor to do something so just apply basic okizeme.

After sweep (footsie range) you can do HK teleport into a meaty s.MP OS dash. Again he loses his charge and if he does EX Headstomp it will whiff due to the OS. Just be sure to OS and react to any Psychocrusher he does to get out of the corner because that’s free damage. You can start divekicking him at a closer range where his s.HK can’t hit you anymore but then again Yangs divekick is useless in that matter. The bison I play against mostly uses crossup crushers after sweep or scissors so I just don’t quickrise anymore.