Matchup Chart

Does anyone have a viable matchup chart? For example.

Dormammu vs Haggar 8-2 etc. I know things are very situational with assist and so on.As far as character on character what do you think the match ups are?

Matchups are impossible to quantify. This is a team game and not a 1v1 game. There are also more complex factors involved like amount of meter and XFactor in stock, how your assists matchup and counter each other’s options. It’s impossible to really quantify matchups except on a team vs team basis with consideration of meter, and considering the vast amount of team combinations available you might as well forget it.

Tell that to the tier thread.

We tried…
It didn’t work.

I can only see main stream teams vs teams. Like zero may cry vs morri doom stuff

Yeah I made this thread for a more 1v1 aspect.i realize its a team game with a lot of variables,wanted to know if there was particular characters that give you trouble or your opinions on certain match ups.The tools certain characters have against others.I know there is one thing that annoys you in certain match ups.Haggars pipe and charging stars get me every time and in the process of learning the matchup.what characters do you think have the best tools to deal with these and what do you have trouble with?

If we’re talking about “what is the worst match-up per character”…


[]Hawkeye=Debatable; I would guess between Cap/Akuma/Vergil
[]Nova=Zero and Magneto
[]Doom=Morrigan or Hawkeye
[]Hulk=Morrigan or Zero
]Iron Man=Dorm or Magneto
[]Magneto=Goes even with Vergil and Viper
]MODOK=Vajra assist
[]Phoenix=Hawkeye or Vergil
[]She-Hulk=Morrigan or Magneto
]Skrull=Idk; need input from Skrull players here
[]Wright=Skrull or Morrigan
[]Vergil=Hulk or Nemesis
[]Chun-Li=Morrigan, Viper, or Zero
[]Haggar=Morrigan or Magneto
[]Spencer=Morrigan or Viper
]Trish=Vajra assist
]Zero=Morrigan or Dorm
[*]Jill=Zero or Magneto

*Vergil’s biggest issues seem to lie with armor and the few normals that are better than his. Hulk and Nemesis have both of those.
I do NOT claim to be an expert on most of these outside of Arthur. Believe at your own risk.

Personally, I’d have to say that Skrull does worst against Magneto, since he moves too fast for Skrull to reliably get his pressure started against him. He dodges zoomgrabs and zoompunches easily, he recovers too fast from his zoning for Meteor Smash or dash-up zoomgrab, he just overall gives 0 fucks about Skrull’s options.

Haggar wins every matchup.

Really? I’ve seen a lot of Skrull players say Magneto is a good matchup for him, since Orbital Grudge stops the majority of his offense and he doesn’t get zoned as easily as the other armored characters.

If you’re not playing at a loud assed tournament, MODOK can actually BODY attack and Hyper Battering RAM/HPB Strider assist to death for free at the top of the screen with little repercussion. If the player has a decent super afterwards Strider is dead. d

MODOKs hardest matchup imo?
Simply put, Strider. Magneto being close.
Oh and Vergil eats Nemesis/Hulk alive.
You just can’t go all ham with Vergil.
People forget the top tier can be even
more of a pain in the ass if played intelligently.

I know Nemesis and Hulk don’t maul Vergil like a “worst match-up” should, but thinking of a bad match-up for him is fucking hard. With meter, he becomes one of the best characters in the game, right next to Dark Phoenix and Theory Viper. Without meter, his dumb normals and teleport allow him to keep Viper, Magneto, and Zero in check. So now, you have to think of a bad match-up for him and can’t just throw out one of the top tiers. Since Vergil with 5 bars has no bad match-ups, you just need to go by what he has without meter. Without meter, he loses to the few characters who beat him at his own game (dumb normals). I think leveled Frank also poses a threat to him, but Vergil is pretty good at not allowing him to level up.

If anyone can provide an explaination as to who Vergil’s worst match-up is, speak now or forever hold your tongue.

I have to disagree with this, you can easily grab him out of magnetic blast, Skrull can normal jump and air dash with a charged S from a good distance making it harder for Magneto, flight mode is definitely not an option for obvious reasons and like every other character, he will have to guess at one point or another while playing against Skrull. Skrull has a great plink dash which allows him to position himself to grab his enemy, several frame traps, super armor and can avoid Shockwave quite easily.

1v1 it is in favor of Skrull, not his best match-up but definitely easier than many others.

Without assists, the worst match-ups for Skrull are characters with the ability to counter since almost everything he does hits high/med, making his command grab his only option (and it is really unsafe). Amaterasu becomes a pain in the ass and I’ve played that match-up from both perspectives.

When it comes down to 1v1, Akuma is definitely my top pick for this game.

As a Captain America main, I can say that Viper doesn’t even come up in the match up discussions in the Cap forums. He struggles against Zero, Vergil and most characters who can launch an offence from the air unless he is backed by an anti-air assist. I don’t know how Viper users see the match-up, but she is definitely not one of the characters the other Caps have issues with fighting.

Shuma’s worst matchups are probably chris/taskmaster/wesker
Viper sucks too
and morrigan
and. . .
who am I kidding
he has bad matchups vs 3/4 of the cast

Skrulls worse match up is Hawkeye
St. H + assist into triple piercing shuts down Skrull hard. Any airdash up forward & its a free gimlet. Any meteor smash gets triple pierced up his anus

Vergils worse match ups are Spiderman & Ghost Rider
Even with swords, Vergil is hard pressed to catch Spiderman. Plus Spiderman can easily stay outa H & S range & punish with a zip to the face. Also helmbreaker is free to web zip chicken guard since Spiderman can block during webzip & punish
Ghost Rider out ranges Vergil as well as XF guard cancels lvl 3 into death.

Dr Stranges worse match up isn’t Vergil, its M.O.D.O.K
M.O.D.O.K can upback without fear of a low, he mainly has to worry about left right. Alotta Stranges teleports gets stuffed by MODOK zoning os’es as well as not being able to SOV him. Dr Strange has to pin him down which is easier said than done and still leaves Strange suceptible to killer illumination

I know Vergil/GR is at least 6-4 in Vergil’s favor. Vergil’s teleport game is great already, but it becomes broken when used against GR because GR is so free to teleporters.

Not too sure about the MODOK thing, I’d say it’s even between the two of them. They both have huge advantages over the other, so it comes down to who has the better team. Vergil is such a bad match-up because he does not care about anything Strange does. Zoning? lolno. Rush in? lolno. Hover at the top of the screen? Fine, I’ll set up a 25/25/25/25 mixup for you on the way down.

Jill’s is probably Hulk w/ Drones combo. You’re right on with Zero. Zero is straight a terrible-why am I still playing this match- type of Matchup.

wesker actually has alot of bad matchup then you might thought

i’m not talking about the XF madness,just a clean point wesker.

as far as i can think of:

zero:not much to explain

taskmaster:wesker actually has no answer to his BS

vergil:not much to explain either,vergil is just superior then wesker in anyway.

magneto:you can’t really limit his movement,but he could limit yours.

viper:just pop the floor(EX),any character that fights up close has to respect her,but you get no reward for blocking other then block another mixup, brainless

phoenix:not dark phoenix,just a regular one that spam TK light overdrive and fireball is going to be a problem

trish:flying all over the place,having fun try to air throw her while praying for not getting random dive kicked

doom:if you play this match often,you might find yourself getting footdived more often then majority of the cast.and wesker has no answer to super jump finger laser

captain:this is actually with the help of a beam assist

wolverine:wesker often gets bullied

morrigan:just check out some ChrisG match against yipes you’ll get it

modok:the match doesn’t really gets started

spiderman:wesker just doesn’t have the super jump height superiority that most other character does

…the fuck?

What the actual fuck.