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For Vergil, a “bad” match-up is actually hard to consider. He’s even at worst against the top/high tiers. If you have a better suggestion for Vergil’s worst match-up, please say so. I would love to hear your opinion, provided you explain it.

Here’s my suggestion: Mags, Zero, and Vergil don’t have bad match-ups.

Their “worst” match-ups are with each other, because they are fairly even.

I dont think FB’s worst mu is Vergil. I handle Verg pretty well.

Yeah, Mags and Vergil are pretty well rounded. I personally would say that Zero has a few bad match-ups against characters he can’t get in on (Dorm, Morrigan), but does pretty well otherwise.

Vergil, Mags, and Taskmaster are very well rounded with little to no bad match-ups. Viper, Zero, Dante, and Nova do pretty well too, but not quite as well as those 3.

vergil would probably be magneto’s only bad matchup

I think I can safely say Vergil doesn’t have a bad match-up in the game, other than maybe Zero. I actually fancy Ghost Rider against Zero, Magneto and a few of the other top tiers. But Vergil goes even, if not beats every character.

actually magneto does have a bit of problem against a captain player spamming charging star&beam assist,apparenlty even if in flight mode magneto cannot punish the whiffed charging star because captain usually recover before the beam hit box ends,and shield slash upperward could catch magneto from super jump heights and convert to a full combo.magneto’s ground normals simply cannot deal with charging star.his special moves are all projectile based,which projectiles and assists are likely to be nullified by it too(getting happy birthday all the time).and raw shock wave attempt will always fail against hyper charging star.

I guess character with good ground normals(like zero H,vergil L M H) has no problem fighting Cap.

Magneto has problems against characters that have answers to his tridash pressure. Though I’m not saying it’s terrible for Magneto, the one that comes to mind is Taskmaster. He can just shield skills through anything Magneto tries to throw at him close range, and Magneto doesn’t zone him for free, either.

Taskmaster actually counters a large amount of top tier bullshit and if there’s any character who’s a contender for “no bad matchups” it’s him. His close range OS into a 6f nearly unbeatable move, strong zoning that covers multiple angles, high damage, AMAZING normals, etc, are really hard to counter effectively.

Yeah I said this several times. Point/Assisted Taskmaster beats Magneto clearly. Taskmaster has better normals overall than Magneto, normals he can’t really compete with, stronger throw OS’s on the air and the ground. Shield Skills blows up Magnetic Blast zoning in all it’s forms, Shield Skills blows up his tridashes even when they are covered by assists like Jam Session/Missiles/Drones/Arrows. He does more damage overall than Magneto in the zoning game, and he snipes Drones/Missiles pretty free with Legion Arrow. Most Magneto teams won’t kill Task off one confirm, but any Task team will.

Task imo loses to Vergil(with bar for Swords), and Morrigan though. I agree with the statement that Vergil has no bad matchups when he has meter though.

Point assisted captain beats magneto too,and even more effective because magneto could atleast run away with flight when facing taskmaster,but against captain,you enter flight you dies.

by the way,everybody lose to swords.

Yeah Vergil can be annoying for Task, even without swords. His teleports mean Taskmaster can’t zone him effectively and Vergil is one of the only characters who has normals that compete with Task’s. It’s probably 5-5 when Vergil doesn’t have meter and in Vergil’s favor when he does.

I’ve never played a good Morrigan with Taskmaster so I can’t comment there.

Vergil’s normal out ranged taskmaster.its more like a 4-6 or 3-7 even without sword all-round matchup,because vergil has more option to break your defense,but task has none.(vergil also has better throws)

Cap actually loses to Magneto pretty badly, unless he is backed by Vajra and perhaps hidden missiles. Without an anti-air assist, Captain America struggles against characters who can stick to the air. With Magneto in particularly, Disruptor and hyper-grav beat the start-up, or neutralize, shield slashes. And Charging star is useles against somebody in the air (unless you’re using it to cover ground on them, but unless it’s backed by plasma beam or unibeam you’re vulnerable on it’s recovery). Cap’s best hope is to try and jump before Magneto, Doom etc and catch them with a Shield slash, but even this becomes futile if the opponents managed to establish enough space to get their moves out and active.

Agreed on this. Even if you fly away from it, he can teleport to catch you. Or he can put the swords over your head and force you to block.

Hsien ko beats vergil… I’m so serious.

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Well, yeah.

The biggest problem that Vergil faces in this match-up is the fact that he quite literally can’t catch Hsien-ko because of the sheer speed of her teleport dashes, her mobility is way too much for him. Plus Hsien-ko can completely zone Vergil out with her extremely fast projectiles that Vergil just has no answer to. Add on the fact that the gong cleanly beats out judgement cut, spiral swords, rapid slash, round trip, etc and the match-up becomes a 8-2 in her favor.

The only real chance that Vergil has in this match-up is to maybe get a lucky helm breaker and convert into a high time+x-factor to kill her off.

I’m not going to lie, this is the funniest shit I’ve read on SRK in weeks.

I respect you a lot man, but I can’t be sure I agree with this.

Normal jump shield slash H(normal jump version is way better then ground version,it reachs very high and has low recovery,spammable) seals every option magneto has in flight mode,convert to full combo.and its pretty easy to hit.and even magneto manage to dodge the shield slash,he is still left in a very bad position before landing,and when he lands its mixup time.

Just try the match yourself,fight a captain+unibeam with magneto+drone/missle you’ll see.

The only real chance that vergil has is with the help of another Hsienko assist~~~ helm breaker wouldn’t work because of the huge hitbox that the gong has,it covers almost 360 degree with vertical hit box that is too much for helm breaker to handle.

Don’t forget that Hsien Ko has Colossus form as well, Vergil has what? Pokemon form? screw that