Matchup disscussion thread

I decided to make this thread discussing character matchups because their don’t seem to be any reads about character matchups.

So, IMO, Fillia seems to be a good matchup against Ms. Fortune, almost soley because her crouching kicks are insanely good against Ms. Fortunes head. I also think that Parasoul is good against peacock because of her medium egret call, the fact that her tears go through projectiles and can be detonated later, and because she has an instant full screen super that can hit her out of her projectile animations.
Double also seems to be good against peacock, but thats solely due to the fact that her BW super is so godlike.

I don’t get why crouching kicks would be good against Fortunes Head. You can’t kick that thing, it’s whiffing a normal randomly and Fortune is gonna rip your heart out for it. In general, nobody has a good matchup against Fortune :3

Parasoul has a terrible terrible matchup against Peacock because she has the worst mobility options in the game. An Egret she can’t even approach behind doesn’t really change anything. Not sure what Super you even mean; Snipe Shot is completely useless (Peacock can cancel anything she does into Argus and use it’s invinc startup frames to dodge the Shot + kill you), Cool Hunting can’t really punish anything

In general matchups are rather hard to call due to the nature of the game and teamsizes; Solo Bella wins against Solo Peacock and has issues against Peacock with a DP assist and loses against Peacock with H.Doublebutt

Most of the matchup talk is done in the char specific subboards btw (but still not much, I guess)

When the head is off of her shoulders, you can hit it. Fillia’s medium and heavy kicks can destroy ms fortunes head using this tactic.

Medium egret call + Snipe + light egret call= dead peacock.

I know you can hit it. But it doesn’t disable Fortune. Essentially you’re whiffing a move, which just leads to Fortune killing your ass off.

And I already told you that that doesn’t work

Did you read my post at all

It can work in some situations.

Not all, but some.