Matchup: Gouken vs Evil Ryu

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When Ryu starts a block string, that axe kick is COMPLETELY unsafe to do as a block string. I swept an E.Ryu last night when he was doing it in a block string. If you are playing an E.Ryu doing it, let him do it twice to make him think you don’t know any better and Ultra his nuts the third time.

Heh heh, that’s my strat. Actually against someone who thinks they can use that move with impunity, I’ll let them get away with it and I’ll block or even avoid putting myself in that situation, in order to save a guaranteed U1/other punish for when I need it.

Sweep? Never thought of that, what about cr.MP xx LP/MP Gohadouken?

Depends which axe kick he was doing. If Evil Ryu does cr. MK followed by LK axe kick, you can’t interrupt it with a normal. But you can punish the recovery, he’s -7 on block so you can sweep it. The window for punishment is kind of small though. And if he spaces it well, it might not be possible to punish but I’m not sure.

Any other version of the axe kick can be interrupted during start up if canceled from a cr. MK(or anything I think), although they’re all safe on block against Gouken except EX axe kick. But if a Evil Ryu starts spamming cr. MK into LK axe kick, it can be easily reversal’d(in between the special cancel that is)with any move that has invincibility. I guess in Gouken’s case, it’s either of his Ultras(I don’t know about his palms).

Sweep is six frame start up so pretty much anything we have that isn’t a standing HP or far st.HK. I suppose cr.hp xx EX palm is really best or > cr.hp xx EX palm.

So basically mash EX tatsu :stuck_out_tongue: I came upon this by accident in a match, I never thought it would be unsafe since so many people use it as a blind blockstring.

Basically, you really can go wrong tapping out cr.lp xx tatsu after every hit in his block string, other then getting counter hit fished.

Prefer cr.lp xx lp.palm or xx lp.palm. Quite a bit less risk.

I’m starting to see the light on this lp palm. It does give a a fairly safe way to interrupt strings.

better off fishing with a kongo …that way you will always be blocking

Yeah but leg smash is armor break i think

only ex…

All leg smashes are armour break. Only EX is an overhead.

Any 3f move done in a reversal timing will trade with c.MK xx LK axe kick, but trading him with a (and you will only get a close version even if you block cr.MK from maximum range) is not in your favour damage-wise. You can always do it if you want to reset the situation, not many E.Ryus know that they are in a huge frame advantage after this kind of trade (they’re like +7 or so). Forward grab done in a reversal timing will beat LK axe kick cancel priority-wise. Reversal EX Tatsu will whiff on LK axe kick cancel. You can backdash and reset the situation but you will get owned by HK axe kick cancel in this case.

especially when youre playing Nor-Cal Jimmy’s evil ryu…

oh and on the BTW tip…i just found out today when i hopped over him he shot out a U1 and i figured …its palm time…! no that fuckin move beat my mpalm from the backside on the start of the 2nd dp so be advised

I played an E.Ryu (robotechAMG) last night who used the axe kick very well to keep me locked down. Anytime I blocked and went to punish or jump away, I ate a shoryuken. If I blocked and did nothing or tried counter, he’d kara throw. I caught him with EX tatsu once in maybe 10 matches. I took the majority of matches but he still had me grinding my teeth with that pressure. I’m assuming he was using the lk axe kick. Sweep does not work here, or didn’t work for me. Cr.lp wasn’t helping either. Any other suggestions?

I’m pretty sure they made the Axe safer in 2012 in exchange for lower damage.

Not sure Cliaxter, I’ll look at frame data and test tomorrow.

I did that the other day. I knew there was a nice window opening for something quick. They usually opt to use EX Axe if you’re low on health and crouch blocking a lot (like me). The most common way of them getting into it is through That is the cue to input Shin Sho. The only time this will fail is if they do and stop there (if they’re smart about it), but usually they won’t because they want to keep the momentum going.

If they do xx fireball, nothing will come out since you’re still in blockstun. If however they do max range, ultra will just pass through the fireball anyway and they still get hit.

I play against a E-Ryu user often and he learned to use other normals like cl. mk, cl. hp and cr. hp to cancel into EX Axe because he eventually knew I was waiting for So just be cautious and if you want to go pro at that, learn to buffer without pushing buttons until you see the axe kick start up.