Matchup Guide?

I haven’t seen updated versions of the AE 2012 Fei long matchups.

Maybe I haven’t looked hard enough but can someone show me where it is if it is available?

Its a bit of a graveyard on SRK at the minute. It might change once people get off SFXT.

Not a hell of a lot changed for Fei really. Cody got a little worse but over all he’s still got evens or better against everyone bar maybe Akuma/Vega, and possibly Chun/Bison depending on who you ask!

I think his only matchup that isnt even or in his favor is vs Balrog.

why is Balrog that hard of a matchup

Balrog has really good ways to get out of the corner with his ex Armour dash punches, his jab doesnt allow Fei to play his frame trap game and overall has better normals, makes it difficult for Fei to open him up.

So how should you approach the matchup??

Here is my take on this match-up.

Fighting Range
Fei needs to fight rog at the 1st rekka range. Up close rog has the advantage. He has the best cr.jab on block I believe he is +4 (which is insane tbh).

Basic Plan

  • Neutral jump at his dash-punch range and punish on whiff (you can also tag neutral jump to raw u1)
  • cr.hp, under his dashes if he can predict your neutral jumps.
  • is useful for his armor moves has fei goes under the punch and absorbs one hit
  • is good too at 1st rekka range.
  • you need to set the tone with AA’s because most likely if you dominate the ground game he will want to jump at you.

Advance Tactics
-There are some safe-jump specific to him (i believe freddyloco found a few and posted, you’ll have to dig the forums)

  • On wake-up if you know the he likes to head-butt you can OS a meaty to U2

Hope this helps :wink:

Pretty good share of info my friend. I went into the lab and record balrog performing all of his non-ex specials, and if you stay right around 1st rekka range, you can Cr.LP on reaction if you’re fast enough and get a counter. If you see yellow, GRAAAABBBBBBB!! :stuck_out_tongue:

meaty sweep at Rog’s wakeup beats pretty much all his options, maybe even Ultra (didn’t test this)

Just finished this, hope it helps someone with the matchup. I am no pro but this is a good start

link to the music please!!!

I’m down to start from scratch with a matchup thread if given permission to and if I get help from others in our forum.

all of rogs dash punches can be thrown if you can’t do tht all of his non-ex dash punches he can be jabbed out of them his overhead is very unsafe & he can get grabbed out of it tht match-up isn’t as hard as most people think cammy seth & akuma are harder match-up’s for fei if you pick ultra 2 against them they can bait it out so it’s not always wise to pick ultra 2 against them just saying

Hey guys how do you approach your matchups and what do strategy and what ideas and questions do you guys ask yourselves or others about it while keeping in mind the character dynamic? So far here is mine. Character dynamic,normals,walk speed,projectile(If the character has one),wakeup options and for characters like el fuetre and sakura I usually try to study and understand their follow ups after a HKD or SKD.

well for fei you always want to push your opponent into the corner his normals are crazy fei’s low foward beats rogs raw dash punch & everybodies jab beats rogs dash punches it’s unsafe just like dudley mgb if they don’t combo into them they can get hit out of it his ex-chicken wing goes threw fireballs almost every match-up should be played the same way getting in your opponents face & not letting up on pressure you can ex tenshin to throw your opponent off guard while opening them up you can do a block string into lp rekka for pressure u can use his overhead kick or you can grab them with a normal throw he takes alot of patience he really needs meter to get in to cause dmg that’s why defensive characters give him a problem (imo i think fei vs sagat is pretty free) but guile on the other hand is really hard

if you have anymore questions hit me up on xbl assuming u have it add me OG Swiizy

Fei Long Master Guide tht’s fei’s match-up’s