Matchup in AE: Gouken vs Abel



Gouken vs. Abel. Roll Tide!!! GO!

Gouken AE Match Ups. MASTER Thread

EX Tatsu his wheel kick

Same response to his rolls, grab or jab

m. kongo during his block strings, especially right after step kick dash

when he gets leery of the kongo, he will go for command grab. EX Tatsu, EX flip, or neutral jump if you can see it coming. Usually after step kick again.

if he gets you in his combo resets with his juggle elbow, focus on where he rolls to and react accordingly. EX flip is very useful here.

Many abels will fall for wake up df grab at least once. Use it sparingly for when you need that extra damage.


Try to stay on the offense as long as possible. If you have a choice between a reset that keeps the offense rolling, or max damage but puts him on the other side of the screen… go with the reset. abel doesn’t stay zoned for long, and if you get stuck playing DownBack Fighter 4, you’ll lose that game. A good Abel’s up-close mixup is just generally too much for the old man.


Abel is a pretty big character, does his cr.lp and go under an EX tatsu?


OS Grab is your friend vs. his wake up EX Roll, use forward grab and if he rolls past you auto-correct will give you Back Grab and you toss em up.


I believe ex tat works on crouching Abel I’ll test later


abel can get under with meaty for sure and they do that shit just when i wanna ex tatsu lol


I have a lot of problems with this matchup, as an example I just fought a FT5 set VS a good Abel player, not very good, just good, and lost 1-5 :frowning:

EX COD and EX Grab are the tools I usually get caught with.


I learned that fireballs arent that useless Abel. Abel players will rolls through your fireballs but if you stay in a range where you can throw your fireball and he does his roll to go through gouken fireballs you can forward grab him easy. Also he can do crouching medium punch into standing hard kick Gouken even if Gouken is crouching.


EX and Regular tatsues will hit crouching abel , these combos will work as well Vs. crouching ABEL: cr.lp> all tatsu ,>all tatsu ,>all tatsu ,>all tatsu


I tried cr.LK to dodge it a few times and it seems like you can as long as you are quite close to him (cr.LP range)


how should i fight this f@$#$#ing guy, he’s f@#@$ing annoying and all his pokes has preferences over mine… should i go full throttle over him and kill him on df throw???


Start out by learning how to bait punishable moves such as roll and TT. Also, look for any opportunity to score an untechable knockdown into ambiguous demon flip setups. Especially if Abel has no meter. If no meter, rush him down with demon flip resets and mixups. He can only punish demon outright with meter, ex falling sky


St fp is your friend in this fight


Okay, this match up needs some new attention when Ultra comes out. Right now, Gouken only beats Abel with lucky guesses. He beats you air to air (with that damned jumping mk he has), up close, and even far away if you don’t react quickly enough to roll or wheel kick. Without ex, you’re a sitting duck. His anti air kick (med kick button?) and uppercut punch (obviously not srk, just med punch button?) are effective enough at keeping Gouken from jumping in. Cr. fp, COD and command grab destroy G up close and if you block well he can cmd grab, roll or follow a string with a wheel kick to keep you guessing. It’s rare to find a really good Abel and maybe that’s why when I do, I get absolutely run over.

This is a legitimate bad match up for me, unlike Blanka who doesn’t count because he/it is a lag whore.


It is a fairly bad match up if these changes stay:

L, H Wheel Kick recovery reduced by 3F
M Wheel Kick recovery reduced by 2F

Wheel kick is one of the worst move for Gouken to handle in the entire game. The EX one goes through projectile, armor break, can knock you down if you are in the air, and safe on block! Now if the normal version are also safe on block, ( L M H is currently -5 -6 -7, it will now become -2 -4 -4) I don’t know what Gouken can do against it since the push back means Gouken can only punish the M and H one with a (it might not even reach sometime). If Abel mix it up with his block string, Gouken is literally sitting duck.

So that means we can’t really do any FB long as Abel have an EX bar or Ultra. We can’t really neutral jump at all cause it will beat neutral jump nearly every time. It is safe on block so Abel can spam it and almost always land in a fairly good spot for more footise.

Against Abel we will really have to utilizes our anti-air and ground normal. Punish those with st.hp is still viable, punish jump in with is also viable, but our normal are too slow and our anti-air have so little range and so risky in comparison, we will get eaten up by EX change of direction very easily.

At the moment I’m not entirely sure what to do.


for starters…can CR.LK get safely underneath then punish?


This matchup is hard every way, his wheel kick it can be punish with cr. HP and mk and st… Hp and on block It can be punished with st. Mp into palm, hado is almost useless and something that we can use is gf throw…


similar to gief, Abel can be setup for multiple flip throws vs his wakeup


I’m pretty sure it only helps up close at which point you are not reacting, only predicting/reading, and the usually whiffs and you both end up fairly neutral with him right next to you, the worst place you want to be against Abel.