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stop the vortex flip palm pressure with cr lk>tatsu guranteed on Goukens wakeup as well


This is guaranteed? This stops a lot of the misery of this matchup…


try it in training mode , i cant recall if its 100 percent in goukens favor but it is the sleeper strat no one seems to do …i tried all versions last night double check my work let me know what you come up with


I tried it out today in matches instead. Worked right up until the point they did demon flip kick :wink: lol.

Otherwise yeah, this not only beats two of his options but gives you a punish as well. You can buffer the lp.palm into this and then super afterwards as well. I don’t remember if lets you cancel into super but yeah, you could do that if it is possible as well.


I think the works for anything but a perfectly timed palm. I was able to smash Gouken in the head using a sweep and then LK flip palm on his wake up You have to do the palm perfectly in order for it even to hit. I still think it is viable for anything that isn’t perfectly done.


Can LP Palm beat his vortex? Just a thought…


I wouldn’t think so, what would lead you to this?

When akuma tosses EX air fireball and follows them, counter the second fireball when it hits you. Akuma will usually be right up on your ass for what he thinks is a safe followup.

Use buffered into a tatsu when Akuma is dancing around playing footsies and in his range. Properly spaced, he will into your and eat a tatsu.

MP and HP palm will go through air fireballs.

Pay close attention during his blockstrings. Really watch for cancels into his demon flip as this is free damage for you if you can react with a if you are fast enough to react you can cancel into tatsu for 170 and some real estate or do a 2 hit into Super for I think the same damage as a raw super OR just your basic 2 hit rejump j.HK for 180 damage but with you landing right by him.


lk. tatsu is a 7 frame startup.
i don’t see how that is beating akuma’s df palm pressure.
if akuma is timing the palm properly, it should not only hit lk. tatsu, it should be a safe jump against ex tatsu, which is also 7 frames.
has akuma’s df palm changed in ae?

edit - ah, sorry, you were saying crouches under palm. i know that didn’t work in super. this match drove me nuts in super. if the akuma is using the df palm option select into tatsu, your only options were block or jump to avoid the df throw.


ok, i just set akuma to do the safe jump df palm and found out a few things.

  1. if you try to it, you’ll get counterhit.
  2. both lk. tatsu and ex tatsu get blocked. this means that lk.tatsu is immune to df palm i think. probably not invulnerable, but i don’t think any of the df palm’s damage box can connect with lk. tatsu’s hit box. it’s interesting, but i don’t think i’m going to be resorting to wakeup lk. tatsus because of it.
  3. akuma blocks both lk. tatsu and ex tatsu, so you can fadc out of the palm. that’s good! he isn’t so short that the tatsus don’t get blocked.
  4. ex df parry can land on either side of akuma after a safe jump palm that puts him right next to you! i don’t know if this works for every character, but if you parry early in your df, you’ll stay on the same side, if you parry late, you’ll cross up. combined with its fast recovery, that’s an interesting tool for avoiding wakeup pressure.


IMO… The best way to beat Akumas vortex is to learn it.

Just like Gouken he can alter the timing on his jump ins to get different results. Safe / Faux / and High (for stuffing reversals etc.) If he does an EARLY flip, you can’t EX Tatsu or anything for that matter b/c he will either safe jump you or counter hit you. Akuma can time this very early for a faux safe jump to bait srk’s etc. DF Grab does not work in either of these scenarios.

If he does it late, ie. to catch your wake up with grab / palm / dive kick EX Tatsu beats it clean, you can also press up back and use j. mp to knock him out of it, or like Takin said use cr. lk. The only thing about cr. lk, is if Akuma does a dive kick, then Gouken is about to lose a chunk of his HP and more than likely eat another hard knockdown. Back dashing on his vortex is no good with Gouken, as he can just OS you to death.

All you can really do is wait for him to time it late, or just don’t get knocked down in the first place. Anything else isn’t in Gouken’s favor.


It’s very situational, But if it looks like they’re doing a late DF after a hard knockdown.
I like to dash forward, underneath them, which allows you to grab them.
(I’m unsure from my experience if thats from unexpectedness on their part or it’s actually punishable.)


This is them timing it incorrectly.
Another thing to do if they time a df palm or df throw incorrectly, is to


Man, I know this matchup pretty well, but man I hate falling to crouch tech demon traps.


This matchup is total balls when you get knocked down vs an akuma who can safe palm everytime.

I managed to win a close one last night as an akuma kept neutral jumping chucking air firebals over my fireballs. Full screen fireball > dash > mp palm hit him on his way down though and avoided the air fireball.

I’m still learning the nuances of who and when this will hit but it is becoming a nice staple in my arsenal for neutral jumpers.


so what do i do about air firballs i try EX tatsu it hits me out of it and ex parry works if time right but for one meter there has to be away around this. any other advice on this match up would be great.


It really depends on what type of air fireball they are doing.

Sometimes there is nothing you can do.

Against EX fireball being used to protect an advance you can block the first one and kongo the second.

If they are neutral jumping fireballs and throwing air ones you can Palm through them and hit him.

Jump back fireballs you can dash and follow or dash and palm.

It’s rough dealing with air fireballs imo, it’s another reason this isn’t one of our shining matchups.


i just ex kongo air fireball, the 2nd one passes through, you hit him


Really depends on where Akuma is if you are kongoing the first one…

By the time the second one is about to hit you Akuma is definitely in your grill for the overhead/sweep/throw


really? i remember a while back i hit up training mode and found out that if akuma jumps forward with ex air fireball if you kongo the first one it always hits him and the 2nd one passes through you